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Are you planning to make money or, are you struggling to make a penny online ?

You have stumbled upon a right place. At The Flying Paper (TFP), I will guide how to make money online and utilize the power of social media to grow your business. I will not just discuss about creating business, but also assist you with multiple ways to earn passive income.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Business Consultant, Freelancer or just a college student. I have all kind of educational resources available, targeted exclusively for you.

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Make Money Blogging

A study reveals, over 60% of bloggers make $100 or less from their blog. Upto 50% of those bloggers make $10 or less, which is a bitter truth.

Are you among the rest of 40% bloggers who make more than $100 with their blogs or the rest of bloggers, who fails to make a penny?

At TFP, I will guide you to make money with your blog. I’ll take you through ultimate ways, which will unlock your way to success with your blog. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Freelancer, Copywriter, Blogger or a Content Strategist, you’ll come across all the important resources that will help you to grow your income.

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Affiliate Marketing

One of the various ways of making money online is to promote products or services to earn percentage as commission from the sales driven. The process is known as Affiliate Marketing.

A High Level Affiliate can make over $3000 per day using affiliate marketing. Beginner can make within 0 to $300 per day if they use the tactics really well. To learn more about Affiliate marketing:

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Over 15 Million Indians are self-employed today, by pursuing freelancing. In US, the toll reaches 55 Millions as per the report published in 2016.

If you’re ambitious about making money freelancing, you’re at the right place because we at TFP will provide essential resources and tips to kick-start your freelance career and breakthrough.

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Set Up Your Own Business Online

The primary part of your business or brand is to have a self hosted website. If you already have it, that’s amazing. Congratulations! You’ve just finished a major task of your journey to setup your Brand.

If you haven’t yet then don’t worry. I have listed few basic steps you can follow to create your own website.

How to Create a Business and Website (in brief):

  • Brainstorm Ideas to find the niche. Remember, don’t choose any random niche, just because it has higher earning potential. Choose those categories, which you can write about with full interest or those topics where you’re an expert.
  • Find a good (and catchy) domain name for your website. You can use Godaddy or Namecheap to buy your domain at a cheap price.
  • Find a hosting service provider to host your website. Make sure they have 99.9% uptime & 24×7 customer service to assist you with any issues. I would recommend you to go for Godaddy (for beginners) or Bluehost, an WordPress partner for shared hosting.
  • Install WordPress from the CPanel.
  • Add Theme to design your blog. You can also buy Premium Themes for WordPress. To customize the look of your website and make it professional.
  • Add required plugins to improve functionality of the blog and provide a good user experience.

For a detailed guide, see below:

Make Money Online - Start Your Own Website