About Us

Last year while looking for online opportunities to build a source of passive income, I stumbled upon searching ‘Make Money Online’ phrase in Google and I was shocked to see, not the opportunities, but the amount of educators or consultants who wrote tips and tricks to make money at no cost or without investment.

I was intrigued by few posts, but many of the other references seemed either vague, or ponzy schemes.

I decided to note down some real cash making sites and ways, which you can follow to make money. Be it by Blogging, or simply investing.

The Flying Paper is your guide to make money and I will list some efficient ways… be it investing in Cryptocurrency or Equity based Crowdfunding, or the SEO Strategies, which I’ll share to help you earn.

Remember, there is nothing such like ‘making quick cash’, if you’re willing to generate income, you need a lot of time, patience and risk taking abilities. If you’re full of it, you’re good to go.

In The Flying Paper, we will come up with Guides on Cryptocurrencies, Projects you can invest on Crowdfunding Platforms, Guide to Pitch, SEO Strategies and Guide, Regular updates on upcoming ICOs and their legitimate reviews, Timely news on Cryptomarket and the current happening and the rest is all about money. You can recommend us anything by simply mailing us your questions, doubts on contact@theflyingpaper.com