Top 5 Niches For Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram has changed the game of Social Media Marketing. In recent years, there has been an upsurge in its user base ( 1 billion users as of June 2018). Also, the popularity of Influencer Marketing on Instagram is increasing rapidly, such that the global market is expected to grow from 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to nearly twice the amount by 2020.

During our analysis on Instagram to find the best influencers and their niches, here are some top-performing niches we explored during our research. Let’s take a look:

Here are Top 5 Niches For Influencer Marketing on Instagram


One of my personal favourite niche, travelling, is also a favourite among popular influencers. The competition in this niche is in parallel to its popularity. However, it’s a big buck market if you manage to beat your competition.

Getting into a micro-niche in the travel industry can reap better benefits. Some of the key micro-niche(s) you can explore are:

  • Backpacking
  • Frugal Travel
  • Business Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Road Trip Travel

If you are just starting out on Instagram, start broad and then see the audience interaction. Choose the best content from the lot, and then go for micro-niche based on their interest. You can use this strategy for every other niche in the list below.


Foodies of Instagram have taken the marketing of the food industry into a next-level game. Gone are the days when you would just read reviews on any online portal and decide if you want to eat or not.

The influencers get an invite from the top restaurants to taste and experience the best cuisines and then post content based on their opinions. You can see amazing clubs, hotels, restaurants approaching influence marketers to grow their reach and so far they have been successful to attract a large social crowd.

If you want to start in Food niche on Instagram, post your food experiences, connect with your audience. Once you have a good following and a target audience who constantly connects and believes in your food-ism then simply approach the bars, restaurants with your strategy to get started. I’ll write about how to approach the top restaurants in the upcoming articles, so keep in touch.

Pet/ Animals

The pet industry is expected to grow to $202.6 Billion By 2025. In that situation, if you don’t take the leverage of the growing market, you’ll miss out a big opportunity.

There are thousands of Pet influencers on Instagram, who post their cat, dog videos or simply repost others content to grow their following. Pet industry is kind of emotion-based and people won’t hesitate to buy items for their pets if they find it necessary.

Simply sell pet services, pet based products, pet insurance and many more affiliate services if you want to get started. Also, follow what the top networks are doing to understand how the market works on Instagram.


Health and Fitness is the hot market on Instagram. We’ve seen recently the demand for fitness is rising and people are joining various Fitness clubs to optimize their fitness demands.

A lot of fitness influencers are posting content regularly and have created a brand on Instagram. They sell fitness products, nutrition and diet plans, Gym Membership, fitness gadgets and much more on their pages.

Most of the influencers share their images or videos on their network to grow the following. You can choose your interest, based on your expertise and get started right away. Make sure you post authentic content so that people will believe in what you are actually doing.


Getting away from 9 to 5 job is becoming very common these days and people tend to follow their passion. Entrepreneurs on Instagram publish content related to business and growth hacking techniques.

Some startup influencers also provide insights to start your own business, marketers share making money strategies and guides. If you are an expert into this niche, you can even sell your own courses to get started.

Top Micro Niche to explore in Business/ Entrepreneurship/Finance/ Marketing:

  • Saving Money
  • Make Money during College
  • Marketing Tool and making money out of it
  • Personal Finance

I hope you found the top niche to become an influencer on Instagram. Since the evergreen market keeps growing, you’ll see a lot of competition in your niche. But if you stick with your niche, keep creating valuable content and maintain a good engagement ratio, you can easily monetize your content.

Do giveaways if you reach any milestone to celebrate and provide value to your audience. You can also offer freebies like eBooks, Discount Codes and much more.

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