Top 10 Freelancing Sites You Must Join in 2019 to Make Money Online

For a beginner, joining freelance marketplaces could be the best way to start a career in freelancing. Over a hundred thousand employers use the freelancing platforms to hire millions of freelancers online for their businesses or projects.

The rise in the number of freelancers has led to a huge competition in the market. It is predicted that the freelance workforce statistics of US will account for 43% of the total workforce in the country. But there are many freelancing sites, which will give you an opportunity to flaunt your skills to the employers and grab a job that is perfect for your skills, irrespective of its competition.

Hence, I have listed Top 10 Freelance websites below, which you can join right away once you finish reading. Jobs in these websites are updated every second and you can pursue any task from anywhere around the world unless there’s a specific requirement for the project.

While researching the platforms, I came across 50+ freelancing marketplaces, but the ones listed below are among the best freelance websites-2019.

Important: Before joining any freelancing website, you must note that you can join these freelance sites for free and they will only charge you a specific fee when you receive payments. You might call it a platform fee. However, the fee could vary between 1% to 5% depending upon the platform and their terms.

Also, these top 10 freelancing sites, will offer you tools to help you create a portfolio for a better profile introduction and some of them also offers verified skill tests to increase your chances of hiring. Over millions of professionals are enjoying the benefits of freelancing, following the trend of the digital nomad lifestyle.

A few of those sites are limited to designers or writers. while most of them are accessible to almost every type of job. If you are curious about types of jobs freelancers can do, I have prepared a list of 18 Freelance Job Types that will enable you to earn compensation based on your skills.

Here are Top 10 Freelancing Sites you must join to start your career as a freelancer (1 Bonus Site Included)

Freelancing: Make Money Through Self Emplyment

Toptal – Network of Top Freelancers

Toptal- Top 10 Freelancing Sites For Top Level Freelancers

Toptal is a growing network of top freelancers to work with marketers, start-ups, business or organizations.

They connect brands and businesses with the top 3% of talent available all over the world.

Toptal Freelance Job Types: Toptal is a network of top freelancers who are software developers, designers,  and financial experts. Top companies and start-ups from all over the world hire professional freelancers from toptal freelance network.

Toptal Screening Process: In order to get into the elite league of freelancers, toptal tests you with a rigorous screening process. They want to be the best in service, so they select the efficient, hard working, smart and a great problem solver to join the freelancers squad. Their screening process includes (in brief):

  • Language & Personality – Only 26.4% of applicant pass this test.
  • In-Depth Skill Review (Technical test)– Only 7.4% applicants pass this test.
  • Live Screening (Problem Solving Ability) – Only 3.6% of Applicants pass.
  • Test Projects- Only 3.2% applicants make through this test.
  • Continued Excellence (Ratings) – Only 3% of applicants maintain a perfect track record.

Are you among the 3% of the top freelancers of this world?

If you’re into designing, software development, data science or finance, apply as a freelancer on toptal and go through their screening tests to find out your capability.

If you can’t make it… then don’t worry! Because the rest of 97% freelancers are still making money using other freelance networks which are among the top 10 freelancing sites of the world.


Upwork- Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Work From Home

Upwork is a result of a merger between top two freelancing companies, Elance and ODesk. They became a direct competitor to and now it boasts with 1.5 million clients using their platforms to freelance. it is one of the best freelancing sites, which you can join to start your freelance career.

Top Freelance Job Types on Upwork: You can find projects related to writing, marketing, web design and development, accounting, data science, legal, engineering and much more. An employer can hire quality freelancer of any scope.

Upwork Jobs: You might find short term as well as long term projects. Basically, on this platform, you run your own business and have the freedom to work on ideal projects of your interest. All you need is to create a profile, set your rates and find the projects. Their customer support is one of the plus points, why you should start your freelancing career with them.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour - Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Get a Quality Job

People Per Hour is an UK based Freelance marketplace that gives a hassle free experience to marketers to hire freelancers. They also have a business cost calculator to help you setup your business and the legal procedures involved based on your requirements. Job Types: If you are a freelancer seeking opportunities in writing, web development & designing, SEO, SMM, Business Development etc. is the best place to hop on and create an hourlie to run your business.

How it Works: As a buyer, you can browse for the hourlies in the website to start immidiately. Or, you can post a job, to let people find you. Set your budget or quotes, and contact the freelancers freely.

As a seller or a freelancer, create a profile to tell about yourself. You can also search for jobs and send proposals directly (15 proposals free per month). Alternatively, create an hourlie to describe your service and set a price to post it on the peopleperhour website.


Fiverr - Top 10 Freelancing Sites To Post Your Gigs

Fiverr is one of the largest online freelance marketplace, which was founded in 2010.

The concept of fiverr is totally opposite to what other popular platforms do. They let freelancers post their own projects or services they offer and allows the marketers, companies to hire them based on their skills and performance (reviews, price, availability, etc.).

How Fiverr Works: Freelancers can use Fiverr from anywhere around the globe. Once they sign up, they have to create a gig (service, which they will offer), which has a minimum price of $5 (there’s no limit).

Fiverr Freelancers are termed as Sellers and the companies who hire freelancers are buyers. So, once an order is placed, sellers will keep 80% of the total and the 20% will be paid as a platform fee to Fiverr.

Fiverr Jobs Type: If you are a buyer, you can hire freelancers for your projects that varies from logo designing, translation, business modelling, writing, SEO, Social Media Handling, Music & Video, Graphic Design, Youtube, Script Writing, Story Writing and much more.


99Designs - top 10 Freelancing Sites To Employ Creative Freelancers is an Australian Freelance marketplace for designers, which has helped served over 500k+ happy customers. It allows companies to hire talented designers or even create designing contests for their projects.

99Designs Contest: Apart from directly hiring a designer, lets you to create your own content to let multiple designers show off their skills and you get an opportunity to choose your favorite design from various submissions.

Job types on 99Design: It is a creative platform to let freelancers show off their skills of logo designing, graphic & web designing, T-Shirts, Book Covers and much more artistic stuffs.


iWriter- Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Write From Home

iWriter is freelancing platform for writers, where they help their clients by writing any type of content based on their requirements.

Freelancing on iWriter: Like any other platforms, you need to sign up to the network and build your own client base.

The website claims that you can, “Earn Up To $80 Per 500 Words Once Promoted Up The Ranks” and there are no limitations on how many projects do you take per day. Also, you are free to choose your articles based on your interest and background.

Freelancer - Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Work From Home is considered to be one of the best freelance websites for beginners. It has a variety of job listings to offer freelancers and multiple tools to improve their chances of getting any project.

As of now, it has over 29 million freelancers who are using the network to find projects of their interest. Hence, is the biggest freelance marketplace. Job Domains: The site offers job variety that hires freelancers for projects like Web Designing, Internet Marketing, Content Writing, Data Entry, 3D Modelling, Web Developers, Android Developers and much more.

How to Start Work on Freelancer: Create a freelancer account for free and set up your profile to create a portfolio. Define your rates for the services you’ll offer (both hourly and project wise).

Once you’re ready with your portfolio, its time to find projects. Use advanced search to look for targeted projects based on your interests and skills. Bid only on those project, which are listed for freshers. Because you don’t have ratings to grab any high-paying offer. So, if you snatch your first deal, finish it before time and earn a good review.


Guru- Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Work From Home

Guru’s freelancing pool has helped over 3 Million Professionals to provide to work for thousands of jobs posted by the employers. If you’re a freelancer you can create your profile and search for jobs based on location, category and job type (fixed or hourly priced).

Guru Freelance Job Types: Guru allows freelancers who can work as Web Developers, Android Developers, Freelance Artists, Social Media Consultants, Python, Java, API Developers, Designers, Editors, Animators, Illustrators, Data Entry, Content Writers etc.


Simply Hired - Top 10 Freelancing Sites to Work From Home

Simply Hired is a job search platform where freelancers can search for a job from almost every field. they also allow companies to post a job for free. Their location-based job search board helps you to find your preferred type of work at your city. At present they serve over 24 countries and in 12 different languages to help freelancers find their desired job.

SimplyHired Job Types: Job seekers or freelancers can lookout for entry level jobs, administrative, marketing, medical assistant, customer care, managerial level jobs.

College Recruiter

College Recruiter - Top 10 Freelancing Sites to offer best freelance jobs to students

College Recruiter is known to host best freelance jobs for students. They are niche job board for students enrolled in colleges and universities to seek internships, part time jobs or work from home jobs.

Students can find internships based on their subjects and entry level or part-time jobs based on location in the USA. If you’re a student from anywhere but the USA, I’m sorry but you can’t find any freelance opportunities on this website.

[Bonus Freelance Website] 


CGTrader - Top 10 Freelancing Sites For Top Level Freelancers

CG Trader is a marketplace and a freelance platform which provides an ample amount of opportunities to the 3D Model Designers to make money.

If you can create 3D Models and are looking for a platform to sell your models, CGTrader is the best choice that we recommend. When you sell your 3D Model on their platform, you will earn up to 80% of royalties. Amazing, right?

Not only that, but you can start taking freelancing projects and earn extra income. You can work from anywhere in the world and once your project is approved, you will get paid directly by the CGTrader. Their in-house support team is always ready to help you out for any 3D Modelling based queries.

All you need to do is just sign up to the platform and perform a trial task. Once you’re eligible, lookup for the 3D Projects of your interest and then start earning right away. Payments are done on a weekly or monthly basis.

CGTrader 3D Model Type: Physical Based Rendering 3D Models (PBR), VR/AR Type models, 3D Printing models, Scanned 3D Models and many more. The models can belong to any category ranging from Aircraft to Food, Furniture etc.

Additionally, check out these 5 best freelance websites to find more freelancing opportunities and nail your first job.

I hope you found these top 10 freelancing sites useful and I wish they will help you to kickstart your freelance journey as soon as you step in. If you use any other freelance platform for your work, let us know in the comments below. Don’t mind sharing the perks of using freelancing websites.

Also, have you ever faced any problems using one of these platforms? Share your opinions and queries with us.

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