Top 12 Platforms for Freelance Writers To Land Their First Gig

To find out the best platforms for freelance writers, I have compiled a list of networks that will help you to find your first paid gig. Some of the networks are job boards, while a few of them are market-place where you will have to sell your services.

While a marketplace could land you a gig based on what you offer, the employer in the job board will have a look at your writing profile and experience.

All in all, it will purely depend upon your skills and writing profile to get your first client.

As a writer it is important for us to not just money but also enjoy while doing the job, otherwise the task no matter how thrilling it might be, will become dreary.

So let’s dive in to the list of platforms to find freelance writing jobs (for beginners).

First take a look at the Freelance Job Boards, where you can find the opportunities and apply to the jobs listed by employers.

Here’s a list of 12 Freelance Writing Platforms to Get You Started and Land Your First Gig

Top 12 Freelance Writing Platforms


One of the most popular Job Boards for writers, ProBlogger is highly recommended to find an opportunity. It has been over 10 years and they have catered the demands of their job posters as well the bloggers, very well.

The job boards are updated every day and you may find jobs which require freelancers, remote workers, full-time writers as well as contract-based writers.

However, the jobs listed on the board aren’t screened so make sure you verify the employer or their website before applying.

How it Works?

Go to ProBlogger Job Board and search for a keyword based on your location of interest. You can also scroll down the list to find out latest jobs listed. Click on the listed job and read the requirement carefully before applying. Some of the employers might ask you for examples or resume, so read the instructions carefully.

Also you can check how a freelancer earned $15000 by using ProBlogger Job Board. has ensured that job search remains safer, better, easier, faster experience for the freelancers. If you’re seeking opportunities in writing, you can find jobs for blogging, writing, copywriting, research writing and much more.

You can find work as per your needs. You may refine your search to find flexible jobs such as remote work, freelancing, part time and full time.

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Launched in 1997, is another job board listing to find out jobs for freelance writers. Jobs on this board are researched and handpicked from other popular sites.

You don’t need to be a member to search for jobs. Just find for different categories for the position that matches your writing skills and apply for it.

BloggingPro Job Board

BloggingPro Job Board is an ideal job board for Bloggers. It is constantly updated and you will find new jobs uploaded on a daily basis. Here multiple employers are looking for people who can write on a variety of topics.

Search for a job based on any category and apply to the job you like. Employer might ask you for previous experience if it requires.

Also, there’s no membership required so you can apply to the jobs directly and deal with the employers. Here’s they haven’t assigned a moderator to screen these jobs so please cross-check any job before applying.


Upwork Jobs: You might find short term as well as long term projects. Basically, on this platform you run your own business and have the freedom to work on ideal projects of your interest.

All you need is to create a profile, set your rates and find the projects. Their customer support is one of the plus, why you should start your freelancing career with them.

Writer Access

The platforms is growing rapidly because of the demands of orders are increasing constantly. This demand of content is leading to increase in their freelancing staff.

In order to determine your level of writing, you’ll have to go through an assessment test. Once you reach a certain level, you can begin pricing your work whatever you want.

For every order you make, you earn 70% of the order price, which is competitive in the freelance writing sphere. Also, the platform is not just limited to writing but also
graphic design, translation, photography, and editing. is considered to be one of the best freelance websites for beginners. It has a variety of job listings to offer the freelancers and multiple tools to improve their chances of getting any project.

As of now, it has over 29 million freelancers who are using the network to find projects of their interest. Hence, is the biggest freelance marketplace.

How to Start Work on Freelancer: Create a freelancer account for free and set up your profile to create a portfolio. Define your rates for the services you’ll offer (both hourly and project wise).

Once you’re ready with your portfolio, its time to find projects. Use advanced search to look for targeted projects based on your interests and skills. Bid only on those project, which are listed for freshers. Because you don’t have ratings to grab any high-paying offer. So, if you snatch your first deal, finish it before time and earn a good review.


iWriter is freelancing platform for writers, where they help their clients by writing any type of content based on their requirements.

Freelancing on iWriter: Like any other platforms, you need to sign up to the network and build your own client base.

The website claims that you can, “Earn Up To $80 Per 500 Words Once Promoted Up The Ranks” and there are no limitations on how many projects do you take per day. Also, you are free to choose your articles based on your interest and background.

If you desire to work for a news channel or network, journalism jobs can find a good opportunity for you.

Networks like ESPN, Time Magazine,, National Geographic Magazine, USA Today have used them to hire journalists and writers for their companies.

You can create an account, upload your resume and subscribe to the multiple categories listed in the network, in order to apply to these jobs. The job listings are done for radio, public relations, television, digital media magazines, e-newspapers etc.

To simply search for a job, you don’t need to sign up to its service.

Hope you got the glimpse of top job boards where you can find your first client for freelance writing. Now let’s get into the marketplaces where you can post a gig directly to sell your writing service to the customers.


Toptal Screening Process: In order to get into the elite league of freelancers, toptal tests you with a rigorous screening process. They want to be the best in service, so they select the efficient, hard working, smart and a great problem solver to join the freelancers squad. Their screening process includes (in brief):

  • Language & Personality – Only 26.4% of applicant pass this test.
  • In-Depth Skill Review (Technical test)– Only 7.4% applicants pass this test.
  • Live Screening (Problem Solving Ability) – Only 3.6% of Applicants pass.
  • Test Projects- Only 3.2% applicants make through this test.
  • Continued Excellence (Ratings) – Only 3% of applicants maintain a perfect track record.


Fiverr is one of the largest online freelance marketplace, which was founded in 2010.

The concept of Fiverr is totally opposite to what other popular platforms do. They let freelancers post their own projects or services they offer and allows the marketers, companies to hire them based on their skills and performance (reviews, price, availability, etc.).

How Fiverr Works: Freelancers can use Fiverr from anywhere around the globe. Once they sign up, they have to create a gig (service, which they will offer), which has a minimum price of $5 (there’s no limit).

Fiverr Freelancers are termed as Sellers and the companies who hire freelancers are buyers. So, once an order is placed, sellers will keep 80% of the total and the 20% will be paid as a platform fee to Fiverr.

PeoplePerHour Job Types: If you are a freelancer seeking opportunities in web development & designing, apart from content writing and blogging. is the best place to hop on and create an hourlie to run your business.

How it Works: As a buyer, you can browse for the hourlies in the website to start immidiately. Or, you can post a job, to let people find you. Set your budget or quotes, and contact the freelancers freely.

As a seller or a freelancer, create a profile to tell about yourself. You can also search for jobs and send proposals directly (15 proposals free per month). Alternatively, create an hourlie to describe your service and set a price to post it on the peopleperhour website.

Bonus : Two More Platforms for Writers to Make Money


Steemit is blockchain based blogging platform, which is also a social network for bloggers. You can not only post articles, but also engage with other bloggers and make money in the process.

The network is so unique that it pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.

So basically, even if you choose not to write an article and just comment on other’s posts as well asupvote their content, you might earn money.

I’ll create a guide on Steemit soon to help you get started.

Medium Partner Program

You are aware of the Medium, which has garnered attention of new bloggers, who have helped the platform to become one of the powerful networks.

The only reason a few bloggers hesitate to post on the platform because they didn’t monetize your work. But thanks to their partner program, which has now changed the way of blogging on

Here’s the Medium says about their partner program,
“Anyone who publishes here can also join the Medium Partner Program and earn money for sharing their best stories and expertise with the world. Partner Program stories are rewarded by readers who believe writers should be compensated for the quality of their ideas, not the attention they attract for advertisers. “

How it works?

Basically, you write a story and then it will be reviewed by the Medium Editorial team. If it meets their standard guidelines your post will be recommended to the subscribers of the network.

The subscribers are the paid members. Once they read your content and applaud your work, you will get paid based on number of views, applauds. The payment will be processed monthly.

One advantage of writing on Medium is that your articles will have higher chances of landing on top pages of google if you meet the basic guidelines.

Hope the article has helped to find a writing platform to land your first gig. If you know any other platforms which I should list down here, let me know in the comments below. I’ll review them and definitely add them if they are relevant. Share this article with your fellow writer friends who are looking for opportunities.

Have a nice day!

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