List of Top Affiliate Networks To Join Affiliate Programs in 2019

Top Affiliate Networks

Are you interested to find out the Best Affiliate Programs, which will pay you high commissions and pays regularly?

Well, Affiliate marketing has made a fortune for lot of bloggers because they are making millions of dollars every month by joining top affiliate networks.

In this report, I’ll share with you, some top affiliate marketplaces, where you could find numerous affiliate programs. So that you could choose the one which fits in your niche or fulfill your requirement.

But before I present the list, I want you to know why joining affiliate network is better than joining as a direct affiliate to any service or product.

  • An Affiliate marketplace has a better tracking system, in comparison to that of a private affiliate program, which has its own tracking counter.
  • In marketplace, you get a lot of options to choose any product based on your niche & other requirements.
  • Private Affiliates or the Direct Affiliate programs have a fixed minimum payouts. If you fail to reach that amount till the payout date, you won’t receive your earnings.
  • In Affiliate networks, since you promote different products, so it is easier to achieve minimum payout goal.


It is found that direct affiliates don’t get paid even when they reach their threshold amount. Such a situation occurs when there’s a software issue or sometimes, the company don’t want to pay at all.

But, in any affiliate marketing network, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Because their tracking software are at much par excellence and they will pay you for every effort you put in.

I hope now you got the idea why you should join affiliate marketplaces and find suitable affiliate programs for your website.

Let’s take a look over…

List of Top 10 Affiliate Networks you should join and start making money right now.

In the next few minutes, I’ll brief you about every top affiliate marketing network that you can join.

But if you need a quick glance and sign up to the marketplaces right now. Check the list of all 10 networks below and give a head-start to your money making dream.

Best Affiliate Networks to Help you make money with Affiliate Programs

Before you join any affiliate network, you should be sure of what products are looking for. Some marketplaces may not have enough products to promote, but even a single product from such networks could make an effective sale that could make thousand dollars for you.

So don’t rush and promote all type of products. Find what’s important for your website and choose what’s needed. Simply promoting all type of products will only cause chaos and will generate nothing from your affiliate marketing campaign.

Here’s a brief about all the affiliate networks you may join.


Top Affiliate Networks- ShareASale

Over the years, Share A Sale has proved to be a trustworthy source of making passive income by joining their affiliate programs and promoting them. It was founded in 2000, by Brian Litleton to assist merchants launch their products and services and affiliates to promote them on their personal networks.

ShareASale offers a lot of benefits to its merchants and affiliates by providing accurate stats of sales and regular payments with a better customer support.

Many marketers recommend you to join ShareASale because of their service and variety. Also, they have over 2500+ merchants and over 4000 products to choose for promotion.

You can join the network now. it was around 2 to 3 business days to get an approval from the team. Once you’re approved, you can start using links and banners on your blog to promote any product of your choice.

Click here to Join ShareASale


Top Affiliate Networks- Clickbank

One of the best affiliate network for marketer, ClickBank allows to promote both physical and digital products on your website.

Clickbank is free to use and you can make a lot of money using their products on your channel. Although, you will need to understand the clickbank system and how to find the best products to earn huge commissions.

Once you earn enough, for each sale you make they will deduct service charge and seller’s cut, which you could consider as a platform fee for using their tools and website.

Join ClickBank right now and start earning huge.

Commission Junction

Top Affiliate Networks- Commission Junction

Commission Junction was established in 1998 and it is considered as one of the most reputed affiliate network.

Like any other affiliate network, CJ connects marketers with Bloggers and Brands to assist them in selling products. There are tons of products you can choose from the marketplace and CJ is one of the top affiliate platform you should definitely join.

All you need is to fill details in a form and once approved, you can begin your marketing process.

Click here to join CJ if you’re a blogger or an affiliate marketer.


Top Affiliate Networks- GrowSumo

GrowSumo is very new in market, but has provided an efficient service to its marketers.

They have a simple, clean UI, which makes it easy for you to look for products. Their products are related to Hosting, small businesses, Entrepreneur and many more.

It is easy to join their system and start promoting, but one thing you should note that they only pay you with Paypal. Minimum payout of GrowSumo is $50, which is very good and achievable for beginners.

Click here to Join GrowSumo.

Impact Radius

Top Affiliate Networks- Impact Radius

Impact Radius is one among the fastest growing marketplaces, with a lot of brands trying to move their products to this network. Recently, Hostgator moved their affiliate program to Impact Radius for a better service to its customers.

Impact Radius has a comprehensive tracking system that uses unique fingerprint technique to track your sales. Their machine learning algorithms, assists you to prevent from any frauds.

With Impact Radius you could join affiliate programs for any fashion, web apps, hosting and anti-virus related products.

Join Impact Radius to be a part of modern affiliate marketplace.


Top Affiliate Networks- Awin

Awin is a global affiliate network, which consists of over 100000 publishers and 6000+ advertisers.

The network connects consumers worldwide and help the publishers earn commissions with each sale, like any other network. Their stats reveal over 260 Affiliates join every day and they have helped their publishers to make over $734 Millions, last year.

So you could partner with Awin and be their affiliate to promote different products.

Click here and feel free to join their network.

Amazon Affiliates

Top Affiliate Networks - Amazon Associates

A program that works in every niche, Amazon associates is one of the largest marketplace for affiliate marketers. Since Amazon networks has products for daily use purpose, as well as commercial purposes, it is the most trusted platform used by customers to buy products.

Mobile Phones, televisions, books, games, fashion, home & gardening, and a lot of products from every niche, makes it a good place for affiliates to start using affiliate links from Amazon and make money.

Here’s the link to join Amazon Affiliate Program (India), Amazon Affiliates (US).

I believe you have gone through the list above. It’s time for you to sign up the top affiliate networks and find the best products for your business.

If you think you know a better affiliate marketplace, or you want to share your experience with one of the affiliate networks. Feel free to write about it in comments section and let others know more about them.

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