Learn How To Start a Business Without any Skills

Do you want to start a business, but don’t have a set of right skills?

Worry not, because, in this article, I’ll discuss how you can get started and thrive your business model without any hassle.

Hello, I’m Sanket Kalambe and I have worked previously as a Freelance Writer and an Influence Marketer. I’m currently exploring the Affiliate market and I’ll soon educate people with my expertise in the field with the help of online courses.

So, without wasting any more minute, let’s jump over how to start a business without any skills to get started:

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In this post, I’ve taken an example of E-commerce business. However, the idea behind building any business remains almost similar. Do you need a personalized guide about any kind of business? Feel free to comment below and I’ll write about it at the earliest.

How To Start Your Business Online Without Any Skills

Let’s say you want to start an E-Commerce store and you don’t know how to get started.

The first thing you can do is to prioritize whether you’re going to open a self-hosted store or use third-party services for your business. Like for example, you might use Shopify for Business or Amazon to list your products and manage the business without any worry.

Shopify, WooCommerce are third-party services which help you to set up your store, provide plugins, apps to run your store. Similarly, Amazon provides you with a direct platform, where you just need to upload information about your product. They will handle the rest of your business (from shipping to payment services).

I’ll give an example, by assuming you’re using Shopify for your e-commerce store. You can definitely use any other, but I have experience using Shopify, so it will be easy for me to write about it with experience.

Build Your E-Commerce Store With Shopify Without Any Business Skills

Shopify helps you to build your store from scratch and guess what, you don’t have to pay for 14-days free trial. If you don’t know what to name your store, Shopify Business Name Generator will solve that problem for you.

Shopify Business Name Generator - How to Start a Business Without any Skills

Once you figure out your name, you can register and set up your store. Buy a domain, by adding your credit card details, so that once the 14 days cycle is over, you’ll be charged monthly for your website.

You don’t know how to add products?

Oberlo app can help you to add products directly. You can customize prices, Import products and their descriptions and edit details as per your Brand.

Once you are done with details, you can setup theme and add content.

Shopify will help you with the product delivery options and provide payment gateway services to handle your business.

How Fiverr is among the best solution for Your Business

Fiverr - How to Start A Business Without Any Skills

If there’s one freelancing platform I will recommend you for your Business, then it’s Fiverr. You can definitely choose the other ones for your convenience but Fiverr has all the solutions for your problems.

I’ve used it for one of my website’s logo and branding. However, you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr right from setting up your Shopify store, creating a theme, writing product descriptions, creating a product video, website content, graphics and much more.

All you need is a proper budget and managing it in such a way that you won’t run out of pockets because setting up could be easy, but marketing it has the real challenge.

Once you have set up your store using the services from Fiverr or any freelancing website portal (like Upwork, Freelancer, etc), you can focus on marketing strategy now.

Fiverr for Marketing

You can hire Marketing Specialists and consultants for your store if you don’t know how to proceed with the sales part.

However, if you have that part figured out, and let’s say you are using Facebook Ads for marketing, all you need is to find a Facebook ad specialist to help you create and set up an ad for you.

If you think you need a video ad, you can hire a video creator/model on Fiverr and ask them to shoot a small video for you with your product and voila, your ad is ready for set up.

You can also hire agencies which can help you create audience insights and develop a plan to get good conversion rates at low budgets.

From Scratch to Store: Your Business is now Ready to Boom

So here’s the brief of how you can start your business online without any skills:

  1. Formulate a plan of where are you going to set up your online store.
  2. What host will you use for your e-commerce business. For example, Shopify, WordPress, etc.
  3. Create Brand Name using Shopify Business Name Generator and buy the domain, by adding credit card info.
  4. Add a theme, find products using Oberlo and import details as well as customize pricing.
  5. Use freelancing services like Fiverr, Upwork etc to get the work done-for-you by the team of specialist freelancers.
  6. Use Fiverr to get help in writing product descriptions, product photography, reviews, videos, website content, graphics, logo and much more.
  7. Once you set up your store, Shopify will help you with the delivery options and payment services.
  8. To market your product, if you need any help regarding Facebook Ads, reach out to Facebook Ad specialists on Fiverr. They will create a customized ad based on product requirement.
  9. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency could also do a better job for you. Because they are already experienced in getting good conversions and fresh leads for any business.

I hope you got the idea of how you can get started with any business (here eCommerce) without any set of skills. All you need is a good budget and patience to deal with the team and find the right pool of freelancers. Because if you don’t have the right team of freelancers, it may frustrate you. Because you are losing money for the poor quality of service. So, always read reviews before hiring.

If you loved the concept of this article, feel free to share it with your friends. Also, share it to the people who wish to start their business online (especially eCommerce). If you want me to write about any other niche/ business idea, let me know in the comments below. I will write about your recommendation very soon.

Have a nice day.

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