Designrr Ebook Creator: How To Create an Ebook

Automated tools have taken over the internet and have created a life of ease for online users, marketers, and entrepreneurs. One such tool which has gone viral recently, Designrr Ebook Creator, is made to create instant Ebooks and will impact the life of authors or freelancers working in this area.

Designrr Ebook Creator: Creating Ebooks Instantly Without Writing Anything

Repurpose your content with Designrr - The Flying Paper

Are you an author? Do you have any experience writing any book? Or… you’re just a beginner like me who wants to write books, but don’t have time to finish it and you often procrastinate.

Maybe… you are a freelancer, who has so many clients to handle but cannot manage them all at once.

You don’t have to worry anymore!

Designrr has found a solution for you. It is an Ebook Creator which can help you create books at no time and no efforts.

All you need to do is to repurpose your content already published somewhere maybe in a form of Blog, Podcast or a Youtube video and get it converted into an EBook, Flipbook, LeadMagnet, PDF, etc. so you can publish it on Kindle and other publishing platforms.

Ebooks created using Designrr can help:

  • To Increase Traffic of your website
  • Generate More Leads for your products by building an Email List
  • Redesigning old content into a brand new Ebook
  • Increase in Brand Visibility
  • More Money by monetizing your content or adding upsells in your Ebooks
  • To Save Money and Time, which can be used to market the product to targeted customers/readers.

Here’s a 2 minutes Youtube video to help you how to create an Ebook using Designrr

Designrr Ebook Creator | 2-Minutes Demo Video

Who Should Use Designrr eBook Creator Software

Brand Marketers

Designrr for Brand Marketers has opened new opportunities to repurpose their old content (blogs, articles, whitepapers) into eBooks, Lead Magnets, dynamic flipbooks.

Content Creators

Content Creators can benefit hugely from Designrr software, as they can focus on growing their email list by offering ebooks to their readers as a value product. They can spend time in growing their blog, website and repurpose their old content into eBooks.

Youtube Creators

Grow your channel subscribers and broaden the user base by converting your videos into eBooks using Designrr’s auto transcription and screen capture editor. YouTubers can also start their blog and to save time in writing/ re-writing their content or transcript this software can be useful.

Small Business/ Freelancers

Save hundreds of man-hours by repurposing content for your clients and finishing the project before time. Designrr has saved a lot of time for freelancers and marketing agencies and has ensured that the deliverables is matched to the client’s brand.

eBook Writers, Authors, Podcasters and many more…

How Does the Designrr Software Work

  1. Importing Content: Choose your source and you can import content from Blogs, Videos, Websites, Audio files, PDFs, Facebook pages, etc.
  2. Review Draft: Reviewing and formatting content on Designrr’s writer-friendly editor. Add screenshots, highlights, blockquotes and much more make it visually better. You can save the work and export later to recheck your content later.
  3. Add Templates: Style your eBook by using images from Designrr’s royalty-free image search engine. Change font style, add CTAs.
  4. Tweak, Tune and Hit Publish: As easy as it sounds, you can change the cover, add 3D cover images for your book and then publish your work to any website, Kindle, ePub, Flipbook or export it as a PDF.

Is Designrr worthy than any other software in the Market?

Designrr was among the first in the race to build an automated system to convert your write-ups into an eBook. Their customer-centric product has helped over 50k+ users and it is affordable in price to ensure it reaches wider audience. Their ready-made templates make it easy for the user to create stunning ebooks in no time.

Here’s what their customer think about the product:

Customer Feedback - Designrr, The Flying Paper

If you are willing to buy the software, you can download it from here with this special link which provides you a lifetime access at just $27 (Original Value: $324 per Year)

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