Day 2: Creating a Customer Avatar, DMI with Digital Deepak

After learning the basics and scope of digital marketing, in the first class, I got to learn about creating a customer avatar on the second day of the internship.

Before I get into details about how to create a customer avatar for your business, here’s the brief summary of what else did I learn during the second class of the digital marketing internship program by Digital Deepak.

The class began with an important lesson, which was about a golden triangle. It talks about Learn>Do> Teach.

Learn, Do, Teach - The Flying Paper - Creating a Customer Avatar

Learn > Do >Teach: I could easily relate with this concept because whatever I’ve been doing throughout, I’ve practised this theory, which talks about learning something new and then try to put into action. Once I get a hold of it, I teach the people around me. Be it my juniors or my friends, parents etc.

How to Become a Better Marketer?

A better marketer is the one who can communicate well with their audience. As Deepak says, “Marketing is about having Good conversations“. If you cannot communicate well 1:1, then you won’t be able to communicate well 1: many.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is the key to become good at communicating with new people. People are tired of listening to fake stories and fake people. Hence, being authentic is the key if you want to grow your business.

It is for sure, not everyone agrees upon what you’ve just said, but being yourself and sharing real stories will help you to connect with the ones who need you the most.

Who is the better marketer?

People with better life experiences can become better marketers.

If you don’t have any better life experience, you’ll end up creating fake stories and they won’t really entice your audience or customer. So, it is essential to explore more and experience more to share better experiences in life.

Travel, learn something new, make new friends, engage with more people or just do something you never did before in your life.

Tell your audience a story about yourself. As we know, stories connect people in a much better way than essays with no feelings and experiences. If you travel more and experience more, you will have better stories to share and express with people.

Be Genuine. Be Yourself.

Creating a Customer Avatar: Who is Your Audience?

The objective of the class on Day 2 of the internship was to learn how to create a customer avatar for your business. Before I dig dive upon my customer profile, let’s understand the basic of creating an audience persona.

Who Is Your Audience?

“If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.” — Deepak Kanakaraju

It is important for us to carve out a niche and talk about the subject we have chosen with the targeted audience.

Choosing a random audience and writing about random topics, will never give any results. It will only make us frustrated with the outcome. So, go and talk with the people, have them answer a few questions and then define it as one person, who will be judged as your target customer/audience.

How to define your Target Customer?

Two factors that can help you to define your target customer:

  1. Demographics, which consists of age, sex, location, etc.
  2. Psychographics, which consists of likes, dislikes, interests, etc.

How to Connect To Your Customer:

Here are a few things you should do to connect well with your audience:

  • Even though you have a big audience, the customer is alone with his device.
  • Write to one single customer at a time
  • Converse 1:1 With Your Customer
  • Join Mental Conversations
  • Email/Private messaging more effective than Social Media Content
  • Ask them for feedback and opinions

Creating a Customer Avatar:

Creating a Customer Avatar - The Flying Paper Demographics

Customer Avatar: A customer profile, in a condensed form, curated from the results of a survey done with a bunch of people, to define the interest and demographics of your audience.

Here is the list of questions (google doc format) I’ve created to determine my Customer Avatar:

The Flying Paper – Influencer Marketing Survey FormThis link will take you the google doc form.

Here’s how my Customer Profile looks like:

I’ve submitted the survey form to my friends and a few influencers I know on Instagram. 16 People have filled the form so far and I’ve found the following results:

The Flying Paper customer profile for Influencer Marketing:
Gender: Male
Age Group: 18-24
Location: Mumbai
Profession: Student
Annual Income: 10k INR
: 20% of the audience surveyed were social media influencers, while 75% wished to become one. 94% of the total audience surveyed were Instagram users and 44% of them used Facebook to post social media content.

Preferred Social Media Network from Survey on Influencer Marketing.

Instagram Users: 13% of the users had followers over 1000, while 87% had less than 1000 followers on Instagram.

56% of the people who joined the survey didn’t make money using their social media channels or pages, while 10% just got started. 44% of people like to post about travel, while 38% likes to post about lifestyle and related content. Take a look over results below:

The Flying Paper - Influencer Marketing Survey, Content Niche -Creating a Customer Avatar
Content Niche – The Flying Paper Influencer Survey Result

Hobbies: 60% have a common hobby of writing, while others like to Sing, Play-Cricket, Sleep etc.

On average, I found that most of the users surveyed use their social media during evening hours (between 4 pm to 8 pm), while their second-best time to post content or browse social media was post-dinner, usually after 8 pm to 12 pm.

So here was the basic profile of my customer. I’ve created a customer avatar for the first time and I hope it will give me a basic idea on how should I prepare my content and resources to develop a targeted content based on these results.

I hope you got the idea about how to create a customer profile and have been through the questionnaire I’ve created to know my audience. I’ll get back on the subject in the next week with more to learn.

Have a nice day.

Thank you.

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