About Us

The Flying Paper is your guide to make money online in 2019. I found hundreds of resources, and guides online and compiled them together to make it easy for you to find best money making opportunities.

After 3+ years of owning a media site and freelancing, I thought I could share a few pieces so that it could help you to kickstart your online money making career.

At The Flying Paper (TFP), we’ll discuss about ways to generate multiple income streams by leveraging tools available on the internet.

Our prime focus is to guide people about money making strategies using Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing, Freelancing, E-commerce, Bussiness Setup, Finance Self Help, Email Marketing, Business Growth Hacks, and Ideas to Earn Passive Income.

Our Target Audience: It doesn’t matter if you’re a passed out University student or a 40-year-old who wants to setup a business online, we have everything to help you get started.

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