18 Types of Freelance Jobs You Can Pursue to Earn Money From Home

Freelancing is the one of the best option, if you are seeking work from home jobs. It gives you flexibility at work and a freedom to choose your own projects, based on your skills. You can find several types of Freelance Jobs, which you can do from anywhere in the world.

18 Types of Freelance Jobs For Professionals, Freelancers, Marketers, Students in 2018

Below I have listed some Freelance job categories which are also considered to be the most in demand online jobs. Find out the best skills within you to create a good profile and start freelancing right away.

Some of the freelance job types listed below are the highest paid freelance jobs, while some of them might not yield enough income, but if you enjoy pursuing any job based on your skillset, you’ll definitely make a difference.

Enjoy the List of Top 18 Types of Freelance Jobs Opportunities to Earn from Anywhere in World

Freelancing: Make Money Through Self Emplyment

Freelance Writing

Writing is the best way to begin your freelance career because you don’t need to understand rocket science to start making money. Understanding the basics of online writing, and time bound research on the subject will make you do better in this type of job.

In the process, you will have to learn about SEO and keyword usage. But once you start working for clients, you’ll learn more about freelance writing and would definitely make a strong profile.

I can say, writing could be one of the best freelance jobs for students because you don’t need an inventory or any hard skills to begin with. Just create your portfolio, join freelancer platforms and bid for projects.

Apart from writing for your own, or for clients, if you write for high authority magazines like HuffPost, Forbes, etc., your chances of getting hired by any clients are more. Also, you can quote higher prices than regular.

Website Development & Design

Are you a coding geek? Or, Are you well versed with programming languages like PHP, JAVA, HTML5?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you’re in for Business! Because website development and web designing is among the highest paying freelance jobs that is high in demand.

Demand for websites and business pages is increasing day by day. If you’re familiar with WordPress framework, you are good to make fair income with web development.

There are hundreds of web designing jobs posted everyday on top freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer. Simply create a profile and bid for the projects.

Alternatively, you can create your own web agency to get clients. Set up your own rates and support to extend your service.

Tutoring & Teaching

Online tutoring market is rapidly growing at 12.75% every year and it is expected that the market cap value of online tutoring and teaching will reach to $120.67 Billion by 2021 (it was $63.57 Billion in 2016) according to a report by Technavio.

Freelance teaching is one of the best option for professionals who are experts in any subjects and loves teaching.

You can find Online Tutoring Jobs on platforms like Tutor.com, Oktutor, freelancer.com. Also, you have an option to create your own website and offer your service to the students.

Once you find students, you can teach then online via Skype, Google Hangout, Emails or personal chats.

Freelance tutor hourly rate totally depends upon your expertise in the subject. If you’re a beginner, you might make $10 to $20 per hour of teaching. If you’re a certified tutor,you can even make $100 per hour of teaching a particular subject.

App Development

Today, almost every business needs an Android app or an iOS app to improve their reach to mobile users.

There’s a huge scope of mobile app developers who has an expertise in creating apps for business or games. If you know how to code an app, you can start looking for freelance jobs for app developers online.

A Freelance app developer salary varies according to the project, requirement as well as the region.

As per the answers listed in a question asked on Quora, “What is the average pay for a good freelancing iOS developer?

It was found that iOS developers from (rates per hour):

  • North America makes 100 US Dollar to 250 US Dollar(Avg).
  • Germany makes 90 Euros to 200 Euros (Avg).
  • India makes 20 US Dollar to 80 US Dollar (Avg).

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing, unlike other types of freelance jobs, is one of the most in demand online jobs.

You need to have skills in designing graphics for social media, blogposts, videos, print media as well as e-magazines. If you’re handy with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrators, Canva and other graphic designing softwares, you can start working as a graphic designer and undertake projects of your interests.

Are you interested to learn more about graphic design? Well, checkout videos on Youtube or apply for courses on Udemy, Coursera.

Visit 99Designs to grab your first freelance project related to graphic design.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is one of the newest type of freelancing jobs, which was added to the list of freelance job categories.

In this job, you need to manage social media profiles of any business or celebrities and also create plan to improve engagements. You have to schedule posts, approach influencers on social media, give response to the important messages, create highly optimized ads on Facebook, Instagram and do social branding.

However, the job seems easy & fun in comparison to the other ones listed, but you need to be careful about what you post, if you’re handling a celeb account. Sometimes, it becomes hectic to deal with larger accounts. Irrespective of that, social media manager is among the best freelance jobs for students.

Screenwriting & Scriptwriting

Entertainment industry has seen a tremendous growth in this century and the demand of screenwriters is skyrocketing.

While, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtubers are creating their own shows and series, scriptwriters and screenwriters have an opportunity to show their talent on screen.

Also, most of the production houses are approaching freelancers to write a script for the movie, documentary, TV show or any SITCOM.

The job is not at all limited to movies and shows, but even singers are looking for lyricist who can ghostwrite a song for them.

If you want to pursue freelancing in script-writing, do not hesitate to look for opportunities online. Also, now you can create your own web portfolio to describe your service and show your examples of work.

Are you interested to learn script-writing? Here’s a Scriptwriting guide for beginners by MovieOutline, which will teach you about the basics of screenwriting.

If you’re too passionate about learning Script Writing and creating your own Web Series or a Pilot Episode for a TV Series, join this course on Coursera for free. However, based on the reviews I read, it has a rigorous coursework to finish the course. But once you dedicate yourself into learning, you’ll know the true potential.

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs are very common type of jobs, which involves simple form filling, writing down text from images, completing excel sheets and other MS Office tasks.

You need to have a speed typing skill of over 30 to 50 words per minute in order to deal with the amount of workload when you choose to do freelance for data entry jobs.

Beware about data entry scams that are happening all over the internet and do not pay before you join any project.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is the online version of real assistants. Thanks to internet because now you can manage tasks of CEOs, Managers of the company right from the comfort of your own.

As a VA (Virtual Assistant), you can do a variety of tasks like Book Keeping, Social Media Management, Marketing, Web Consultant, Tech Support and much more.

Explore websites like 24×7 Virtual Assistants, Vava Virtual Assistants to know more about VAs and you can also find jobs on those platforms.


Transcription jobs can vary from medical, business to legal services. All they need to do is, listen to the recordings and transcribe the speech into text or electronic document (MS Word file, PDF). How easy it might seem, the task require accuracy and patience.

Medical Transcription Job is very popular among freelancers. Apart from good listening skills you should also have a good typing speed to maintain the flow of writing and listening. An average transcriber earns about $18-$20 per hour, if they are skilled enough.

Branding & PR

Branding and Public Relations (PR) jobs requires communication skills to maintain relations with other brands.

Here you’ll have to all forms of media to maintain reputation of your clients in the industry. It could be a PR for Cinema actors, or any company.

If you’re well versed with journalism or have any degree related to mass communication, you’re good to join the PR industry. If you’re a beginner, you can study various resources and step in as a freelancer to seek more experience.

Automobile Design

Are you skilled in 3D Designing or familiar with CAD & CAE softwares? Automobile design has a lot of freelance jobs to offer the design engineers or students who knows how to design.

You should be familiar with AutoCAD, CATIA, CFD or FEM Softwares, Google Sketchup or any designing software to

start freelancing.

If you own a degree in Mechanical, Aerospace, Automobile or Civil, you would be familiar with any of these softwares. However, if you’r passionate about learning design, simply install the software online and start exploring.

Game Development

Gaming Design and Development is one of the strenuous job, where you need a lots of skills and patience. Game developer is much similar to an app developer, unless here you need to know specific coding for games.

Knowledge about gaming SDKs and various software is a must. Having an experience before freelancing in this job will boost your chances to seal the deal.

As a game development freelancer, you can create mobile games (Android or iOS supported), Games for web, 3D & 2D games, Xbox, Playstation and many other types.

Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photography is a most popular freelancing job, which has a seen a huge demand among youths.

You should have a passion for photography. Before you begin, find your interest in what kind of photographer you wish to be. There are multiple genre(s) like Nature (Travel) Photography, Portfolio Photography, Event Photography and many more.

Apart from just taking pictures, you should possess editing skills and know how to retouch a photograph. A good portfolio, will definitely attract clients and hence, a profitable business.

Explore the guides like Expertphotography.com & CreativeLive to enhance your photography skills. You can also join courses available at your cities or nearby location to get certified. Joining such courses will improve your skills and  build connections to set up your local business.


Translator jobs are very common among freelancers who wants to make quick cash. It’s very easy to become a freelance translator, provided that you have a fluent skills in that particular language.

If you’re a native language speaker, you don’t need any certificates to prove your fluency in the language. But if you’re trying to teach languages apart from your native ones, it is suggested that you hold a degree or certification to attract more clients to learn it from you.

Translator Jobs Salary in India could be somewhere between INR 150 to INR 200. In USA it could be somewhere between $20 to $30 per hour depending upon the language and its scope.

Customer Service & Delight

Customer Service jobs are very popular among non technical jobs seekers. Individuals with a good communication skill and a basic knowledge of the product or service applies for the job.

However, this job has not much evolved into freelancing. But it is still an option for you to freelance as a customer service agent.

As a customer service agent you will be asked to provide support (technical or admin), depending upon your expertise and the requirement of the company. All you need is a phone or a laptop with good internet connection. Decent communication skills as well as, writing skills (sometimes, for writing emails or creating a report) is a must.

Legal Services

When it comes to earning, Legal Services remains top at list of highest paid freelance jobs. Freelancers working in this subject are law graduates or experts.

Professionals with legal background can pursue this job. Clients who needs help in dealing with criminal cases, corporate issues and disputes or family issues, seeks for expert services offered by these professionals.

Average salary of a freelancer pursuing legal services could vary anywhere between $75 to $120 in the USA.

Web Research

One of the easiest freelancing jobs, Web Research requires you to spend long amount of time online. All you need is to research specific topics are per your project requirement and create a report based on that.

The other type of web research jobs can include creating surveys & polls, questionnaire for any business and similar tasks.

Did you find the types of freelance jobs discussed above, useful?

Hope you find out jobs based on your skills and have an amazing freelance career ahead. If you have any queries regarding freelancing, let me know in the comments below. You can check the list of top 10 freelancing sites that will help you to find jobs related to your interests. Good Luck!

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