Top 5 Ways to Go Online to Live a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Living a laptop lifestyle is no more a far-fetched dream. The Internet has made it possible for entrepreneurs to travel the world and yet run the business with full autonomy and freedom with no restrictions. Are you an individual who wants to live a Digital Nomad Lifestyle? Have you started yet but not succeeded?

Follow the 5 ways suggested below to get started.

Here are 5 Ways to go Online to Live a Digital Nomads Lifestyle

Blogging/ Vlogging

Blogging - Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Is blogging dead? Well, definitely not if you work it wisely. However, 2019 has seen a huge shift in the market of Blogging. A lot of Bloggers have gone into creating Video Content, but that still leaves some space for you if you haven’t stepped into blogging yet.

Vloggers publish their content on Youtube and earn income from the ad commissions they allow on their channel using Google Adsense. However, you need to achieve the basic eligibility criteria to earn income using Adsense.

Alternative, way to make money on Youtube is to add affiliate links to products which leads the viewers to Amazon or any product page you are trying to sell on your channel. The perk of this method is that you don’t need any criteria of minimum followers to get started. But you need to produce quality content so your viewers get attracted and take action.

If you want to know how to make money with blogging, follow this link:

"How to Make Money Blogging: 8 Ultimate Ways to Get Started in 2019"

It will give you ideas on how you can make money with blogging in 2019. As the algorithm keeps changing, we have updated the blog with the latest norms of Google updates.

Vlogging is one of the most influential ways to fuel your Digital Lifestyle goal.

Create Courses to Live a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Courses are one of the easiest ways you can educate your audience in the 21st century. With changing times, a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs are becoming infopreneurs to provide more value to clients/ customers.

In 2019, you can create a course related to any niche, be it How to Cook Italian Cuisine or How to Feed your dog. Amazing, isn’t it?

You just need to be expert in any niche or have a decent knowledge about any subject so you can guide and educate your audience. The best part about this model is that you earn recurring income. Even if you travel or sleep, people will still join your course and you will make money with your automated business. All you need to do is to keep weekly doubt classes or one-on-one sessions to assist your learners.

Top Creators like Melyssa Griffin makes six-figures income just by selling E-Courses on her network. If you build an authority in your niche, you will start making enough to live a nomad-laptop-lifestyle.

Investing Online

Investing was never as easy as it is, right now. You don’t have to do paper trading to get into trading equity or stocks. One-click can help you open your Demat account or invest in Mutual Funds. There are thousands of trading apps or Demat Online Brokers agencies that can help you get started.

However, don’t start with any app or service randomly, always check for details before dealing with any agency or app. Also, don’t rely upon third-party services while making decisions, make your own decision at your own risk. No one can guarantee your x amount of earning from your investments.

Investing online has saved a lot of time and money of traders and entrepreneurs by removing the dependability on the brokers or any agencies. Thus, it enhances your laptop lifestyle and the profits you make could be used to grow your business, travel or improve your lifestyle. Investing could be a good opportunity to make a living online.

Selling Expertise On the Go

Selling Service on the Go

Whether you’re in NYC or in London, and if you stop by a restaurant and find out fewer customers than what it should be looking at their service, just give a sneak peek to their website, app or services to find out the reason.

Tell them about the issues and make a deal to fix that problem which will bring more customers. You can act a consultant/middle man to connect the Restaurant Manager and the SEO/ Web expert in the deal and make money on the go.

So, this is one of the ideas that can help you make money with your skill while travelling. All you need to have is an authentic company and business cards/ proposal kit (if you have previous clients) before you deal with any manager. It is to ensure that the deal looks authentic and you get paid enough for your service.

Instagram to Influence a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A lot of influencers have grabbed the Instagram market and have realized the true potential of the social media platform.

Instagram has over 500 Million+ daily active users and over 1 Billion+ active monthly users. If you own a page on Instagram, with a healthy following of users and if maintains a good engagement rate, your goal to live a good laptop lifestyle is no far away.

Influencers work on niche pages like Travel, Personal Finance, Make Money Online, Cooking, Dental Services etc to grow their brand.

A lot of users are also using the network to sell their services or products. If you want to promote affiliate services, you can directly give a link in bio to your webpage or the landing page of the product you wish to recommend.

Travel Posts, Design, Pet care, Blogging are among the trendy niche on Instagram.

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Hope these ideas will work out for you to get into laptop lifestyle in 2019. However, these aren’t the get rich schemes to make you go rich. But every business needs time to seek traction and gain the trust of the audience. So, if you start right now, you will have an edge over your upcoming competitors and sooner, you will recognized as an expert if you stay in your industry for a long time.

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