Top 3 Ways to Connect With Bloggers & Grow Your Brand

Top 3 Ways to Connect with Bloggers and Grow Your Brand

You need to put a lot of efforts to grow your online presence. Blogging can help you grow wide and reach the potential audience to generate leads.

In order to make your blog popular and then convert it to a big Brand, you need to build connections.

With over 181 Million bloggers across the World, (a report of 2011 by NM Incite, a Nielson/Mckinsey company) connecting with top level bloggers is now more intricate than it was before.

Even then, many bloggers will show up interest and assist you to grow your brand, but only if you have a right approach. You should be able to understand the basics of networking and have a clear purpose of collaboration, before pitching any blogger.

But, before I tell you some methods to approach,

…First you should know,

Why do you need to work with bloggers and can’t grow your business alone?

Every Blog has its own type of readers segment and no matter how much similar products they own, there will, always, be a variety in their audience base, which will differentiate their businesses.


Working with bloggers would help you to attract consumers who are interested to buy products like yours, or read journals like the ones you write.

Basically, you are adding a new segment of customers to your business and growing your subscribers.

It’s worth to invest in collaborating with bloggers that exists in your niche and building a strong connection so that they will be willing to help you out over and over again.

With bloggers outreach, you are not just building connections with high quality bloggers, but also expanding your consumer base, which will help you to skyrocket your business growth.

When you try to grow business alone, you will be limited to a specific type of crowd and may not be able to reach the potential readers or customers who are willing to buy your service. So, brand collaboration with bloggers is very important to grow your business.

But, more than just collaborating, it is important to make the most out of your outreach campaign.

You could do this, by finding a right blogger which has a right audience that fits in perfectly with your niche.

Let’s discuss few things, which you should do before approaching any Blogger.

Top 3 Ways to Connect With Bloggers

Use Proper Tools & Do Research

Before planning a trip, you always find out more about the places a you are going to visit and research about details for accommodation, costing of trip and everything else. Then you prepare a budget and find out how many days it will take to finish your trip or you take a second route by approaching Travel Agents who will plan it for you.

The process is same for every Blogger Outreach Campaigns. But you need to know correct tools in order to find the right people for your business. Hubspot has prepared a list of 7 blogger outreach tools to find and connect with the influential bloggers.

I have listed them below for a quick reference:

  • Birdsong Analytics
  • BuzzSumo
  • TwtrLand
  • Circloscope
  • TwChat
  • Tomoson
  • MyBlogU

On the other, you could join Blog Outreach networks to find potential bloggers under your niche. Thousands of networks will connect you with tens of thousands of bloggers who can help you to grow, based on your needs. Search for ‘Influencer Marketing Platforms’ and you will find a bunch of lists to choose from.

Some of the famous influencer marketing platform for blog outreach are as follows:

  • TapInfluence
  • Izea
  • GroupHigh
  • BlogAdda
  • Speakr
  • Revfluence

and many more.

The important point to notice, is to research the demographics of the blogger and find out analytics about their traffic, domain authority, spam score and a lot more before approaching them.

Know the Blogger Persona & their Audience

Once you find out few bloggers under your niche, which has audience base sharing similar interest to yours.

Start reading their articles (read atleast 8 to 10 articles) to determine their writing styles, approach with their audience, content types and how readers engages with their content.

Whether they write about controversial topics in your niche or they include humor in a regular article, which is good enough to engage the audience. Find out engagement rate (number of shares, comments, likes) and blogger’s response to their readers.

Know the target region, target crowd before approaching so that you won’t regret later. Also, checkout their social media followings and interactions, to get an idea of your reach with this collaboration.

Once you’re ready with a list of bloggers, it’s time to write a pitch that will determine your relationship with the other bloggers.

Pitch Perfect to Collaborate

A lot of marketers, journalists, editors make a mistake while pitching a mail to other bloggers.

They don’t use common sense at all.

I receive a lot of mails for my media website Suke India, regarding sponsored post or guest post content. Most of the mails are those which are simply sent as a part of Bulk Email pitching.

Without noticing, what kind of articles do we write, they simply ask me to write a paid post regarding some irrelevant topic and the region they target shares no interest to read our blog.

I’ll give you a real example, where a marketer from France approached me to write about dissertation. While my website is about science & tech, entertainment and news, sports and politics, there is no place for dissertation in my website, unless you talk about something that will give value to customers.

So, I simply rejected it saying no, even though he was ready to pay me a good amount.

Just like my situation, you should be able to figure out what is best for your audience, if you share a particular subject, will it help them somehow and connect with the situation or learn something from it?

If the answer is no, simply reject the offer even if they are ready to pay you hundreds of dollars. Because if you’re writing something valuable and authentic for your people, you will definitely make money some day.

Therefore, you should look for bloggers who shares similar habits and are strict with posting relevant content for their audience.

If you write a careless and demanding email, most likely it will end up in their bin. So to avoid any hassles…

Follow these steps when you pitch them via mail.
  • Don’t begin the mail with your problem or demand.
  • Talk about what you like about their blog.
  • Tell them about yourself and what made you to write an email for them.
  • Write down why you need this collaboration.
  • Mention how it will benefit mutually.
  • Mention the steps you have planned to organize this promotion.
  • …Or ask them what they could do to make it a successful campaign.
  • Share with them how will you support the blogger in the upcoming days.
  • If possible, ask them for a media kit or any resources that will help you to know more about their business,

In the end, enjoy the mutual support and assist each other to grow and build the quality of audience you both share.

If you face any trouble or have any questions related to brand collaboration or connecting with bloggers, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Do share the article with your fellow bloggers and the beginners especially to help them expand their blog or business.

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