Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Under $1 Which You Should Invest Right Now

What are the odds of getting high returns while investing Bitcoins in 2018?

Umm… 100%?,  or 300%?

…How about 500%?

Well, not sure!

It is expected that Bitcoin might reach its all time high value of $60000 this year, but one cannot be sure of the shortcomings in the crypto-market. But, you can still gamble with small amount of investment and forget about it for a  few months. In that case, you need a foolproof that the cryptocurrency you’re investing for has a solid developer code and is stable enough for long term investment. Also, it could generate ROI better than any other altcoins already in the market.

So, which are those coins, where you could expect a ROI over 5 times, or even more?

I have shortlisted three top coins of 2018 that are valued under $1 and you should invest as well as, expect huge rewards by the end of the year.

Here’s the list of Cryptocurrencies Under $1 that you should Invest:


Cryptocurrencies under $1 - Cardano Coin

Cardano is built with Ethereum Blockchain, with a motto of delivering more advanced features than any protocols previously developed. It is a decentralized public blockchain, which is intended to develop a smart contract platform. It is the first blockchain platform, which was developed with scientific philosophies and research first driven approach.

It was launched by Ethereum’s former CEO Charles Hoskinson. After Ethereum’s success, he is expecting a boom in the market value of Cardano and has built a trust among investors. In December 2017, Cardano broke into top 5 cryptocurrency list by finishing $18 Bn Market Cap value and since then the price of coin rose from $0.11 to $0.70 within a few days, which caught the attention of new traders.

Although, during market crash the value was lowered to $0.35 (average), but once the market stabilizes soon, it is expected that cardano might see a five to ten times boom, by the end of the year.

Due to its stability in market, superb technology and strong team to back it up, Cardano remains the first choice in the list of coins priced under $1.


Cryptocurrencies under $1 - Siacoin
via: Cryptocrimson

After finishing its 2 years since launch, Siacoin has finally managed to garner the attention of investors. Providing the cloud storage at affordable rates, which are cheaper than the services provided by Amazon, Google and other large corporations, Siacoin has proved its worth to the public.

People are buying siacoins because of the quality service they offer and the value of coin, which is around 0.02 (1st March, 2018). High demands and increase in its market cap value, makes it an easy target to buy, store and sell with an expected 5x returns of what you invested, at this point of time.

Siacoin entered into the top gainers list in the month of December and later, it was trending in the cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrencies Under $1 - Verge Coin

With a mission to empower people by reintroducing the blockchain transactions into their daily life, Verge remains a secure and an anonymous cryptocurrency, which is built with a focus on privacy of its customers.

The official statement reveals, “The IP addresses of the users are obfuscated and the transactions are completely untraceable.

After its re-launch, Verge has seen a remarkable growth of over 2000 percent, where its value peaked from $0.005 to $0.14 within a month. Now, the value is halved to $0.06 after the early 2018 market crash, but it has opened opportunities for investors and traders to invest in the privacy centric altcoin, which will boom in the market by the end of the year.

After Cardano in the list, Verge remains my second most favorite coin among those, which are valued under $1.

There are many more altcoins, which are priced under $1, and they can be bought with an expectancy of huge returns. I’ll review them shortly, so that you can  add them to bucket list of long term investment plan.

You can buy Cardano, Verge on Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange and Siacoin on Bittrex or Poloniex.

If you didn’t sign up yet, Sign up and Start Buying Cryptocoins with Binance, by clicking the button below.

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