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Build A Passive Income-Driven Online Business

I will show you how to build a passive income online with your digital skills and make money online.

From the past 3 years, I’ve experimented with various resources and sometimes I found a positive result and sometimes I’ve failed. So, I’ll share with you my experiences and also add some valuable methods to build your source of passive income.

In the meantime, before I update the guide you can have a look at these resources to learn more about how to build a passive income-driven online business:

Ways To Make Passive Income Online


Create a blog in any niche. Write lots of content and set up an email marketing plan for your blog. Set an automated email responder and sell products or services using it.

You can review items and earn money from your blog. Advertising could be your primary source of passive income from the website.


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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can help you make your digital laptop lifestyle dream come true. All you need is the affiliate link of the product you are promoting and once you make a sale, you’ll earn commissions.

The best part is that you don’t even need to have a website to get started. You can insert the affiliate link in your latest youtube video or create a sales funnel on ClickFunnels to get started.

Some affiliate programs also allow you to share links on social media pages like Facebook profiles/ pages, Instagram bios etc.

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Online Courses

Starting your own course can help you gain authority in the subject and give you the financial freedom you wished for.

Setting up an online course has many benefits and Bloggers who are creating new courses are making a huge revenue out of it. Melyssa Griffin, Ramit Sethi, etc are among the best examples to show how online courses can take you to the next level in your niche.


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Podcasting may not give you enough income in comparison to other platforms like YouTube, Blogging etc. but it is growing very fast and has a huge potential to help you make a passive income while you’re busy with your work.


Writing EBooks and selling it on Kindle, Personal Blog can help you make money while you are sleeping.