How To Make Money Blogging: 8 Ultimate Ways to Earn From Your Blog

How To Make Money Blogging

We often hear stories about bloggers who make millions from their blog. Is it possible in reality?

Yes, why not…?

Blogging giants like Copyblogger, Mashable, and Tech Crunch, make over $1 to $3 Million every month by offering services to their readers and customers. The network base of these platforms is so huge that most of their income comes from their social following.

They have specialized their services in a particular niche, which gives them access to the targeted audience. Also, the strategies they use to promote their blogs are paying them back million dollars.

So, if they can make millions, why can’t you make thousands or even hundreds of dollars with your blog?

It’s amazing, right?

In this guide, I have discussed…

8 Ultimate ways to help you make money from your blog

Free blogs are Not Good Source of Making Money

Before we step ahead, I want to make you aware that you cannot make enough money with your free blog. People often make mistakes when they write blogs on or use a free Blogspot account.

The first thing you need to do in order to start making money is to have a self-hosted blog.

Since I use WordPress regularly, I have found it amazing because of its customization and dynamics. You can tweak the website according to your needs and use any kind of plugins, themes to set up a beautiful blog.

If you’ve not built your website yet, follow the instructions below. If you already have a website, skip to the next part, i.e. Building Subscribers List.

Set Up Your Blog

A self-hosted website has many perks. If you already have it, that’s amazing.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished a major step of your journey to make money with a blog.

Make Money Online - Start Your Own Website

If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry! Because I have created an exclusive step by step guide for beginners to set up their blog. In this guide, I’ll explain every process you will need to create your first blog.

Few basics from the Guide to help you create a blog:

  • Brainstorm Ideas related to the topics of your interest. Remember, don’t choose any random niche, just because it has higher earning potential. Choose those categories, which you can write about with full interest or those topics where you’re an expert.
  • Find a good (and catchy) domain name for your website. You can use Godaddy or Namecheap to buy your domain at a cheap price.
  • Find a hosting service provider to host your website. Make sure they have 24×7 uptime and customer service to assist you with any issues. I would recommend you to go for Godaddy (for beginners) or Bluehost, the best hosting provider for WordPress at low cost.
  • Install WordPress from the CPanel.
  • Add Theme to design your blog. You can also buy Premium Themes for WordPress. To customize the look of your website and make it professional.
  • Add required plugins to improve the functionality of the blog and provide a good user experience.

Once you set your blog, we will discuss strategies, which you can use to make money with your blog.

Build Engagement & Subscribers List

A business without customer can never make money. Every business needs a targeted audience so that they can sell their products and earn profit.

So, do you have enough readers in your blog or does your blog attract visitors that can interact with the content?

If yes, then well done! Because you’re very close to making money out of it.

But if that’s a no! Don’t Panic. I’ll give you some ideas that will help you to double or even triple your traffic.

Follow these tips mentioned in the guide, which will show you how to make your blog popular and attract more visitors

Now let’s discuss some strategies to build up your website’s engagement rate and also grow your subscribers list.

  • Write a catchy headline that seeks the attention of any reader. Use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to determine your headline score.
  • Your article should be a mix of texts, images, videos and other presentation materials like infographics, charts, slideshows or any embedded social media post. This is because a human can interpret any visual data 60,000 times faster than texts.
    Also, if you add pictures to your article, chances are those images could be easily shared on platforms like Pinterest, which will help you to drive more audience.
  • Add a subscribers pop-up on your main page or any article, to increase your mailing list. You can use services from Aweber, Optin Monster or Sumo Me to build your subscribers list.
  • Provide any freebies to your readers, conduct a giveaway. This will boom your fan following on social channels and increase your subscribers’ list as well. Use plugins like Woobox, Opinion Stage Plugin for conducting giveaways on your blog and your social channels.
  • Add Social Sharing Options right below the article title and after finishing your article. Sumo Me is the best plugin to get 20% more traffic to your website.
  • If any reader comments on your article, please reply them with appreciation and answer their questions to build trust. You can also read their blogs (if they write) and comment on their channels, this will strengthen your bond with the readers.
  • Add testimonials (if any) from your clients, because customers/ readers like to read user experience about any service.

Above strategies will help you to boost your engagement rate and if you follow them step by step, your traffic will rise within a few days of your implementation.

This brings you very close to the next step, which will assist you with different ways to make money from your blog.


Advertising can be a primary source of generating revenue for any website. Many blogs rely on advertising to run their blogs and some of them even make thousands of dollars per month.

If you are planning to allow ads on your website, you should know that there are two types of advertisements you can insert.

  1. Advertisements from Ad Publishing Networks
  2. Direct Advertisements

Important: Make sure you don’t add too much of ads on your website. Running too many ads, might distract the audience and also, makes it look like spam.

Let’s take a look over ad publishing networks for display ads that you can integrate with your blog to generate income.

  • Google Adsense: Ad-monetisation network run by Google that helps publishers/bloggers to earn money by displaying ads on their website. It allows text, images, video, and other interactive based ads to display on your site.
  • An alternative to Adsense, which is similar to its peer. But once you sign up, you can start placing your ads right away. Unline Google Adsense need approval in order to start placing your ads.
  • BuySellAds: A marketplace to allow advertisers to create a campaign and select right publishers, based on their demographics and needs.

Google Adsense is the most trusted network among thousands of bloggers, but you can also check out

Direct Advertisements can help you generate more income in comparison to those of using third-party networks. Because you get a percentage share of the total bidding price set by the advertiser, whereas in the direct ads you own 100% of the share.

You can place direct ads on your website, in the form of banner ads. It could be placed at the top header section, sidebar ad or in-content banners, whichever seeks the attention of the readers.

If you’re a beginner, you might face an issue in deciding the price and the content to attract the clients so that they can buy your advertise-with-us package. You should read some tips given by John Do to create the best advertising page ever. It will help you to create an attractive sales page to make companies advertise on your website.

If receive an optimum level of traffic and have good quality content, you’re likely to earn hundreds of dollars by just selling your ad space.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Popular Way of Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is another crucial method to make money from a blog. In this method, you need to promote specific products or services and if the people join it or buy products using your link or referral code, you will earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing is evolving and a lot of bloggers are making enough to make a living.

But can any blogger enter the market and start making money, right away by selling affiliate products?

That’s a difficult question to answer since there are a lot of factors that decide how much money you could make from a particular website.

The first factor is the niche of your blog. Whether you’re entering into the competitive market like writing about blogging tips, technology, finance, or you’re choosing such a topic, which is less competitive, but has a targeted crowd that can help you grow.

I have seen bloggers with hundred thousand visitors and still making nothing out of it, and bloggers with just a few thousand visitors per month, still making a fortune. Hence, the niche you choose and the targeted traffic you have plays a major role.

Once you choose your niche, you should know ways to engage your reader and then select product wisely for your visitors, based on their interests. You could conduct a survey and find out their interests. It will be easy for you to determine whether you should sell books as affiliates or create a course instead.

Affiliate Marketing has created a revolution in Blogging and has helped many bloggers to at least pay their bills with what they are earning.

You might join various affiliate programs or visit company websites directly to find out if they have any affiliate programs available. The product you search for, should lie under your category and should bring value to people. Because if you’re adding it just to make money, you’ll fail for sure.

How to integrate affiliate marketing in my website?

It’s simple. First, you have to find a program that offers affiliate marketing. Sign up for the program (remember, some of them are paid ones, so opt for free affiliate programs) and wait for approval.

They will give you an exclusive affiliate link. Use the link within your content such that readers can see it and if they like it they will click on it for sure. If they buy an item after clicking to your link, whoa… You just made a sale.

Cookie duration and commissions vary from network to network.

Here are some affiliate platforms you can join to start making money right now.

…and many more. I have prepared a list of affiliates networks with a detailed analysis of its commission, users and payouts.

Sponsored Posts

You can make enough money from a sponsored post. If you have a targeted audience and relevant traffic with good engagement rate, you can easily make $100+ per sponsored post.

New bloggers may not enjoy the benefits of sponsored posts, but I will suggest you still read this section because it will give you an idea about what you should be doing to get your first client.

A lot of bloggers ask me what should be the price of a sponsored post, I always question them back, “What is your website’s Page Authority and Domain Authority?”, and “How does the audience engage with your content?”.

What is follower count on your social network channels & most important, how many subscribers do you have in your mailing list? A lot of these questions decides the price you can quote to your client.

It could be high priced or low priced deal, the client will still negotiate and sometimes you’ll have to end up with dissatisfaction. But as a beginner, it will give you the experience to do better next time.

So, if an opportunity comes, quote your price after analyzing your resources, tell them how much value this sponsored post will produce for them and let them make a deal with your quoted price. That’s a challenge for you.

Important: Add a disclaimer at the end that ‘This Article was sponsored by..”, according to FTC endorsement guidelines because it will maintain transparency of your blog with the audience and google bots can know about your posts and the sponsored posts to maintain the integrity of the blog.

Providing Services

A blog is worthless if it doesn’t produce value to its readers. If you can’t generate enough with advertising or your niche doesn’t have the optimum level of products for affiliate marketing. You could still make enough from your blog.

All you need to do is find your expertise and provide service to the people in need.

Let’s say, a blogger writes about love & relationships, but couldn’t generate value so he decides to assist his readers with some love advice. He creates a podcast every week and uploads it once or twice in a week, also hosts a Q&A on his social media.

Once he establishes his network and people start loving his advises, he decides to make it premium and creates a paid course or provide one-on-one assistance to those who are facing some relationship issues.

You could do the same with any niche, be it fitness related or a sports blog. Just find out what kind of service you can provide and share value to generate income out of it.

Selling Products

Bloggers make a fortune selling ebooks on their blog. Although, creating an ebook takes time, but the profits generated is very high.

But selling is not limited to just ebooks. If you have a passion for something. You could even sell a piece of paper with some art and make money.

I’ll assist you with an example, suppose you own a blog related to Crafts or creative items for showpieces. You could either prefer an easy route of finding affiliate networks in your niche and start selling directly.

But, if you wish to promote your Brand, checkout local manufacturers who can make products for you. Find someone who can label the product under your name/Brand and place it directly on your website to sell.

But I won’t recommend this process, because the cost of manufacturing, labeling and then marketing will be too high and if you’re new to marketing, it’s better to sell via networks that already have a network base, like Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart etc.


If you own a brand and you have enough fans, you could create Tees, Cups, and other cool items using third-party services, which can assist you with your orders and start selling. Many popular brands use this strategy to generate income from their fans. But you’ll need to have huge fan-base and an attractive product (like a tee with a catchy slogan or cool design will definitely make sales if people like it.) to make sales out of it.

Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is just another good way of earning money. People write reviews about products related to technology, movies, electronic items, books and a lot more.

All you need is to have a good understanding of the product you’re using and simply share a user experience to let others know if it is suitable for them to buy or not.

Tech Bloggers write reviews about tech products, fashion bloggers write reviews about beauty products, Travel Blogger review places they visit, while Food bloggers write reviews about Restaurants and the different cuisines they have tried.

Find out your niche and what kind of products you might review. Once you sort it out, write an honest review that will guide the audience to make a decision whether to go for it or not.

If you have enough reviews ready, simply mail the companies and ask them out if you can review their products. You might not get paid directly without proving your worth. So, be ready to review for free at the start, but once you have a good subscribers base and start writing quality articles, feel free to quote your price and show them your previous experience regarding the same.

In the meanwhile, if you are not interested in cold pitching (there’s no better alternative than cold pitching), you could join some of these networks and start making money right away.

Get Paid to Write Reviews on these 6 sites

  • Review Stream: Write reviews about software, electronics, and many more products: Earnings: $2 per review
  • Software Judge: Write reviews about apps and get paid. Earnings $1 per review. You could also earn upto $50 per review depending upon the product and quality.
  • Influence Central: They will pay for opinions and connects you with Brands that suits with your content.
  • Sponsored Reviews: A different platform from others, which allows established blog to make a good amount of money from a single review.
  • Ciao: Write reviews about travel destinations, recipes and many more unique topics you won’t find in any other review network. No fixed rates for a review is mentioned. However, the payment threshold is very low, ie, 5 Euros.
  • Epinions: E-Opinions is a platform to publish unbiased reviews. However, you get paid only if any customer clicks to read your review.

I believe you could find the above resources useful, which will help you earn enough for your basic needs.

Write About Events

If you have a niche website, you could find out if there’s an event nearby related to any product launch or just a meetup. Write about those events.

Express your opinions. Just like you need to grab visitors to seek the attention of any company, or marketer who will assign you a product to review, it works the same when you write about events.

Although, the alternative approach could be finding out events that are going to happen in the upcoming 2 to 3 months and write about them. Share the link with the program coordinators and social media managers of the event so that they can share it on Official or Unofficial profiles. If they love your work and the engagement rate of your blog is better than any other competitors, you might end up becoming a content partner of the event.

Also, if you write about events in your niche, you could generate income from AdSense with their High CPC rates Ads for specific keywords. So explore events around you and find how could you make money out of it.

Paid Membership & Private Groups

Many magazines provide private access to some of its exclusive articles or materials, if you’re a premium reader.

Charging for premium content is a good option to make money. If you develop a trust among your readers, they are most likely to pay for it.

You could simply build a paid membership website and assign levels to the readers, subscribers and gamify your website. Or, create a private forum for discussion that will have targeted people engaging in forums and creating discussions.

You can use plugins like MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro to create a membership website.

Bonus Tip: You can create your own e-magazine and distribute it to your audience at no cost, for the first few months. Once you gain some reviews, opinions and a good engagement you can start charging them annually or half-yearly depending upon subscription packages you design.

I believe this article will be useful to help you make money on your blogging journey. If you know any more ways, to make money with blogs, feel free to share it with our audience. Share this article with those who are eager to make money online in 2019 and comment your opinions about the same.

Have a nice day!

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