How To Increase Website Traffic & Blog Income Using This Strategy

How to Increase Website Traffic: Last updated July 24, 2018

Website Traffic evaluation is a crucial part of any online business that helps to determine its progress. While marketers create tons of strategies to advertise & use blackhat techniques to drive traffic to website. As a result, most of themĀ end up investing huge, with a hope of generating higher returns from their campaigns.

Blackhat techniques, or buying customers, will only increase your website traffic for a specific period of time. Also, the quality of audience it will bring will be of low quality. Hence, the conversion rate of your readers into customers will be very low.

So, what should you do to attract visitors and make them your customers?

Let’s take a look…

How to Increase Your Website Traffic using this Single Strategy

How to Increase your website traffic & blog Income with single strategy

SEO plays a significant role in ranking your website at the top of Google and other search engines. It will help you drive traffic for sure, but will it help you generate revenue for a long term?

The only strategy to boost your site traffic and generate income is to provide value to Customers.

We often spend so much on Marketing and generating sales that we sideline the Product Development phase.

The product development process should include strategies to connect with your audience, and offer them something that will solve their problems.

Even a piece of information about any subject could be valuable for any reader that will make him visit your website for more such articles.

In order to grow your customers, your focus should be more on creating value to your customer than rather generating sales. Because if you show the usefulness of your product to the customer, they are definitely going to buy your services and are likely to recommend it to their friends, or acquaintance.

…Hence, more customers!

Boost Your Sales: How to provide value to Customers?

How To Increase Website Traffic - Provide Value to Your Customers

It’s a common misconception among newbies that selling quality products at cheap prices will drive more customers and generate higher income.

So, without understanding the demands of the customers and any prior research, they create products and start investing to launch it in market.

The ultimate result?

No Sales. Or…

A few of them might buy your product with no satisfaction. Hence, no value generated.

The prime goal of any business should be to understand the demands of your customer. Be it a blog, or any tutoring app, you need to understand the buyer persona first and then plan your product.

Tips: You could survey few people around you, approach people using LinkedIn or Facebook, etc. Pitch them via mail and seek their interests and opinions about your target issue (or product/blog niche).

For example: If you’re building a guide for having a Healthy Gut, you should first approach people who are already involved in the mission to develop a healthy gut and also, some random people to seek their opinions, interest about the subject. Then find, what’s the best thing you can develop to assist them and provide solution for their problem.

Figure out if they like joining courses, or reading ebooks. Prepare materials based on their interest.

When it comes to pricing, make a deal that ends up in a win-win situation. A good quality-cheap product offered to a small targeted crowd can generate more sales than offering it to large segment of random crowd.

You should remember that, your role never ends once you make a sale. You should be aware of the customer demands and the changes they adapt since the time of purchase. So that you can upgrade your service. Ask them for reviews, testimonials and feedback and let them know they are valuable to the business.

But, what if you own a Blog?

How should you produce Value to your readers?

First of all, value doesn’t always relate to money. For a blogger offering nothing but knowledge about any issue, is also providing value, if he’s maintaining the quality and authenticity.

So, it’s not compulsory for you to sell a particular thing. In order to develop trust among your readers, all you need to do is to provide useful information and keep them engaged to read your other most important articles.


  • Engage them at every moment, by suggesting proper CTAs (Call to Action)
  • If they want to share your blog, add social sharing buttons at relevant locations.
  • Do not spam your website by inserting too many ads.
  • Make it attractive and design your website such that it takes less loading time.
  • Write an ebook and share it with your audience, guide them so that they remember you, whenever there’s an issue.
  • Create a Facebook group for your readers, where they can ask questions based on any of their problems.
  • Provide them freebies, host giveaways to build a strong connection with your audience.
  • Collect emails using Email Marketing Services like Aweber, and send them Newsletters every week.
  • Host Live Facebook, Q&As, AMAs, and keep an update with their demands using surveys, feedback.
  • Create Videos and upload on Youtube, because video generates more engagement than text based articles.
AWeber Click Automations - Click this, send that

You can see, why is it important to know your customer and provide them value, to skyrocket your business.

The single strategy discussed, if done wisely, will definitely build consistent readers/customers, which will help you to generate more income from the website.

.. and addition of ‘providing customer value’ to your brand marketing strategy will surely drive more traffic to your website.

Hope you like the article. Stay tuned for more such strategies to grow your business. Please share the article in your circles and let others know how they can implement this strategy.

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