How Do I Make My Blog Popular: Guide To Attract More Visitors

Have you tried any traffic building method for your website? Are you happy with the results? …or, you’re totally frustrated and exhausted?

Are you looking out for additional resources and strategies to gain more visitors?

Well, you’ve landed in the right place because I have a few ideas that can help to increase your brand reach.

In this guide, you will learn some best methods that will not only increase your web traffic but also make you popular in your niche.

Here are Top 5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Blog Popular and Seek Attention.

In the competitive blogging market, it is difficult to create an edge with your blog if you don’t produce value for your readers. So, before we discuss strategies, the most important thing for you is not to build an audience or make money with your blog, but to create an amazing content that will help the people to solve their issues and simply give them some knowledge.

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The article above will take you through a detailed discussion of how this single strategy of solving problems could enhance your value in blogging culture.

Now, let’s discuss some killer ways to make your blog popular and help you gain more visitors.

Create An Attractive Content

How Do I Make My Blog Popular

Readers get bored by simply text-based articles with too much of definitions and information. Chances are, they might end up reading your blog right on the first few paragraphs and then never come back again.

What to do:

  • Add bullets to describe key points
  • Write small paragraphs. One paragraph should hardly include more than three phrases. Best idea is to break it down in chunks so that it becomes easy to grasp.
  • Add images and videos to your blog.

A study reveals adding images increases 94% more views than any normal text-based articles. Also, 60% of customers are more likely to contact you when an image shows up in the local search result.

Also, making your article attractive doesn’t mean you should add colorful texts and make it look too crappy for your readers. Be professional.

Read why CoSchedule recommends color branding to market your content and there are many more blogs that have established an identity with their color branding technique.

How Do I Make My Blog Popular
via: CoSchedule

So, apart from just writing any content, you should also focus on customizing the design of your blog and make sure you’re using professional themes that will represent your Brand.

I have listed some websites where you could find professional themes based on your requirement.

Now, to make your content viral, you should include information which is trending in social media and ask your readers to share your content and show them the importance of your article. Though, don’t beg to share, write it in a unique way so they share it themselves.

Sharing Content on Social Networks

Social Network is the undisputed king of every other online network to drive traffic on your blog.

We use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social networks to connect with our friends and read new stories. Some of you might also have created pages for your own websites or brands to build a targeted audience. But still, you can’t convert the social media users to your readers.

What’s the problem?

  • We often share random posts, without any research and expect people to share it. Bloggers with no prior experience tend to make such mistakes and then end up with frustration.
  • People are interested to see creative stuff. The same old news, which is already shared by other channels won’t seek any attention. Hence, chances are that the engagement rate on your post will fall down and it won’t reach your audience anymore.
  • Twitter & Instagram uses hashtags to target content to relevant users. Bloggers sometimes spam with irrelevant hashtags, which are trending on the internet with a hope that their post will trend as well. But what do they get? Zero engagement rate and then a reduction in post value no matter how important it was.
  • You’re creating a blog, but invest nothing for the promotion of your products or posts on social media.

…and a lot more of such issues fails the blogger to acquire users from social media.

So the question is…

What should you do to utilize the power of Social Networks and gain visitors?

How Do I Make My Blog Popular- Social Media Strategy

Every social network has it’s own strategy to trend your content.

Let’s talk about Twitter.

– Twitter uses hashtag strategy to target your tweet to relevant users. Let’s say you are looking for content related to ‘Make money online’, you could simply search for #MakeMoneyOnline and find results related to the term.

The best part about twitter is they display which hashtags are trending at your region (you can change your region as well), and that helps you to generate your tweet using those relevant hashtags.

Make sure you use related hashtags to your campaign and not use all those trending keywords just to make your tweet visible to a large audience. Because users which do not carry any interest to the subject they don’t know won’t engage with your post no matter how much informative it is.

So if you’re posting about #makemoneyonline, just search for related hashtags and type them all. But don’t stuff too many of them in a single tweet. Use the relevant ones only.

Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to spread content across the relevant audience. I have prepared a small guide about how to brand yourself on Instagram and build followers [to be added soon].

Facebook is the biggest social network in World with a user base of over 2.19 Billion people. So, creating a page and then posting content at regular intervals will definitely help you. Simply sharing your articles will never build your followers list. You should also post, recent updates in your niche, beautiful images, live videos, host Q&A and create groups so that you can assist your readers directly.

If none of these works, create an ad campaign with a low budget (for 3 to 7 days) and a targeted audience (region as well as interests) and promote your post. This will improve the engagement rate, bring more likes on your page and also drive visitors to your website.

Social sharing is not limited to just Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You should share your article on Pinterest, Digg, Reddit and many more of the social sharing websites are listed here for your reference. Do check and start sharing your content.

SEO Optimization

Beginners often make a mistake while publishing content that they write it on random topics without doing any keyword research.

If the topic is trending they might get visitors, but this works well for entertainment, or news based websites and not for informational websites.

SEO Optimization is important to list your article at the top of search engine results.

But some of you might not be aware of SEO techniques to rank your article, I have prepared a structured guide with examples that will not just rank your articles and increase your organic traffic, but also build authority for your website. (P.S. SEO Guide will be added soon.)

How Do I Make My Blog Popular - SEO Optimization

SEO Basics to follow:

  • Find a keyword for which you want to rank your article.
  • Write an attractive title that has about 50 to 70 characters. Include your keyword within your title.
  • Write your content in no less 300 words ( 2000 words article ranks better in Google for niche blogs &  500+ words article ranks better for every other category blogs).
  • Use headings and images in your content. Don’t forget to add Alt Text to your images.
  • Add a meta description that contains upto 156 characters. Do not exceed the characters.

For more detailed information and tips to rank at the top of Google, please check the SEO guide I have linked above to skyrocket your blog.

Build Backlinks

Creating a blog, writing content and then following all the SEO practices, will still not give you efficient results. Because Google doesn’t trust those sites, which has no authority.

To build your website authority, you need to create backlinks that will show how your website can be trusted and is used as a reference by other websites.

Some websites own thousands of backlinks, while some of them are happy with only hundreds. But it is very important to generate backlinks. This is because, if you get a backlink from any website and a reader of that website clicks your link, basically, you’re getting a new visitor. In fact an authentic visitor. If he likes your content, he might become your subscriber as well.

Reach Out to Bloggers, Influencers and Your Friends

Networking is the best way to reach a wider audience. Since we are discussing making your blog popular, reaching out to other bloggers and your friends’ circle is the best way to grow your readership.

There are multiple ways to connect with different bloggers. Few of which are as follows:

  • Find out bloggers who post similar content to yours and mail them about your blog or recent article. Feel free to ask them if they can share your content on their social channels or link it with one of their published content. Offer them a similar type of engagement in return, so that you build up good relations for the future.
  • Write guest posts on websites that have similar content to yours, because this will also help you to get backlinks.
  • Use Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to find out popular influencers or bloggers and DM them about your new content. Ask them if they can shout out in their story about your post.
    Note: Popular Instagrammers and Influencers charge a fee per post. So, at the beginner level, approach your friends who can post your content at their profiles.
  • You can also use influencer platforms to connect with bloggers and grow your brand.

The best way of marketing is to direct message or tell it yourself, personally to your friends, relatives, and their relatives and your colleagues.

Create Infographics and Share with Related bloggers

Infographics not just helps in creating visual content, but also boosts your traffic by 2X in number.

A human brain can process visual data up to 60,000 times faster than texts and most of your readers are visual learners, so do not underestimate the power of infographics.

Here’s Neil Patel explaining to you How to Double Your Traffic using Infographics. You can use this valuable information from World’s Top Marketer, which will guide you to boost your traffic.

How Do I Make My Blog Popular - Power Of Infographics

Outline of How Infographics can increase your traffic:

  • Find the popular articles related to your niche/ category and make an infographic about the same.
  • Make it eye-attractive, catchy and beautiful.
  • Don’t add too much of text and only images. Use a mixture of Graphs, Images, and text to visualize the subject.
  • Use verified sources for the statistics you’re adding in your infographics.
  • Add your logo and write some description you can add above your infographics so that it can rank well on google.
  • Approach bloggers who have already written about your infographic title and ask them if they can add it to their content. Most of them will definitely say it yes (if it is beautiful, informational and relevant) and give you a link in return as a source.

Also share your Infographics on Pinterest, because it is a powerful network where infographics can create leverage for your blog.

Blog Consistently

Last but not least, you should keep writing consistently to see an improvement in your traffic. If you maintain a regular schedule of posting articles (let’s say you post articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday), Google (and other search engines) crawlers will be familiar to your blog posting schedule and it will automatically crawl your website during those regular intervals.

Amazing, right?

But it will take a lot of efforts. Also, you should have good authority so that search engines can trust your website. Make sure you don’t spam by posting too many advertisements on your page.

Link to Resourceful Articles

Linking a particular keyword or any topic to its original source gives credibility of an article and the website. Although, spamming it by just providing paid backlinks might also increase your spam score and reduce your credibility.

With this strategy, don’t hesitate to add a link to your related articles in the same domain (internal links), this will help Google to define your site as a structured website and help you rank better in search results.

All in all, it will help you generate more traffic for your blog. More traffic means more readers and subscribers.

Once you utilize this guide and try all the suggested methods (including the links mentioned), you will definitely double or even triple your traffic and hence, make your blog popular.

Have you practiced any more strategies to grow your blog and attract visitors? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you like this article please share it on your social channels and friends. Because sharing is caring.

Have a nice day!

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