Five Ways To Earn Money Online For Students

Ways to Earn Money Online for Students: College days are the best days of life. Not just the degree, but you get to explore new things, join social groups, make new friends and organize events.

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

So, you have a variety of things to do when in College. But the biggest problem every student face is that it comes with a cost. Be it renting or buying books, paying your bills and rents, Transportation and even attending a weekend party with your friends.

Your parents are already paying thousands of dollars for your education, some of them might have taken loans. So, that brings in your responsibility to do something, in order to pay your own rent, bills or at-least have enough pocket money so that you could pay for your own online subscriptions (even buy a coffee).

I have listed some amazing tasks you can do to earn a dime and make your college life better than before.

P.S. No matter if you’re a first year student or a final year, you could still use this five ways to make money online, anytime and from anywhere.

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students are as follows:

Ways to earn money online for students - Top Opportunities

Freelance Writing

Every human has a writer within. Freelance writing gives you an opportunity to write for clients ( could be magazines, companies, startups or any individual) and make money from thew project assigned.

It is a simple process where you have to approach the client and show them your writing profile or examples so that they can assign you the project. You could approach the client either by cold pitching or by joining freelancer platforms and bid on projects based on their requirements.

I would recommend freelance writing as the best way to make money for students, because it requires no experience and just your writing skill with a basic knowledge of cold pitching, SEO and the subject you are going to write about.

Earning Potential:

Beginner Level: $1.5 to $20 per Article.

Intermediate Level: $10 to $100 per Article 

Professional Level: $75 to $1000+ per Article

Also, charges could vary based on hour wise performances.

Some writers charge $5 per hour, while some might charge upto $100 per hour and even more, based on their knowledge, writing skills and experience level.

Don’t be shocked watching $1000 per blog income, because this is achievable. There are writers who are making Millions of Dollars by choosing freelance writing as their career. So, it’s possible that you could make at-least $100 per month by writing blogs, but you need to have a good writing experience or at least few best example articles which could attract the visitors.

As a beginner or student, I would advise you to focus not on making thousands of dollars, because it takes months or even years to master the art. Some freelancers even get frustrated when they can’t make a single penny by writing online. So, patience is the key, but if you be regular for few weeks or months. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Check the Platforms you can join for Freelance Writing:


Freshers often face an issue finding internships.

Thanks to internet, because now they can find online internships to gain expertise and improve skills.

Best part, you don’t require a hell of an experience to grab any internship. Because of course,you’ll develop your skills during the internship period.

If you’re a tech savvy, you could simply approach tech companies, send them your profile (resume) and share your interest and objective. There are internships for sales, marketing, customer delight and many more, which are open for college students who can work from home.

Coming soon: Follow this detailed approach to grab an opportunity: How to Secure Online Internships with no hassle, while pursuing your graduation.

Although, internships won’t pay much, but the experience earned and the recommendation letter would help you to have a good profile and improve your chances to get a high paying job later.

In India, paid internship varies based on job profiles ( Interns):

Content Writer : INR 2000 to INR 18000 per month.
Social Media Manager: INR 2000 to INR 15000 per month
Digital Marketing: INR 2500 to INR 25000 per month
Sales: INR 1500 to INR 30000 per month

Data Entry

Data entry seems to be one of the easiest way to make money online (in comparison to other in the list). Because it requires no experience or any additional training to make money.

It’s a good option for beginners or first years, who has no pre-requisites and are just there to make some quick small money for their weekend treats or just buy a coffee.

Skills required for Data Entry:
  • Computer: A basic knowledge of MS Office ( Word, Excel Sheets, Powerpoint) and basic installation of software etc.
  • Typing: Since time is a constraint when you choose data entry jobs, efficent and accurate typing is a must-have skill so you won’t double check.
  • Communication: Even though the job is simply Work at home, but you need to have good communication skills to deal with your managers and other people at your network.
Things you’ll need for data entry jobs:
  • Computer & High Speed Internet or Wi-Fi
  • Home Office: A Comfortable home office will avoid you from being distracted and save your time.
  • Number Pad: Data entry is a number’s game. Whether attached with your keyboard or just independent, number pad is a lifesaver.
  • Access to Microsoft Office Software ( MS Word, Ms Excel)

But, what are the types of Data- Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs varies from a simple copy pasting job to writing transcriptions. Some of the jobs varies as listed below:

  • Copy paste
  • Captcha Code
  • Micro Jobs
  • Basic Typing Job
  • Filling Surveys
  • Text to image Conversion

I will prepare a list of ‘5 Companies that hires people for data entry jobs and allows them to work at their own comfort’. The list will help students to make money online from home.

Earning Potential: 

If you’re consistent and not bored, you could easily make upto $50 to $200 every month using data entry services. But you should not expect enough returns for your work with data entry jobs.

Virtual Assistant

Assitants have made it easy for CEOs and managers to finish the task with no hassle and maintain their work life balance.

Virtual Assitant (VA) is a new trend, where you don’t need to visit any office or place of yours and simply work from your bedroom.

As a VA you could either choose to work for any company or simply start your own business and start earning.

I would rather recommend to find jobs onine to be a virtual assistant than setting up your business if you’re a beginner. This is because, as an employee you don’t have to invest and rather just have a PC and a good internet connection apart from having knowledge of that subject you’re going to choose.

But if you’re interested to set up your own business. Follow this step by step guide to start your own blog and then provide service by finding the right client.

What can you do as a Virtual Assistant?

VA is no different than freelancing and here you get variety of options to choose from and decide your path.

Here are some VA jobs that you could do during your college (or even after):

  • Social Media Management
  • Book keeping
  • Tech Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Website consultant
  • Marketing
  • Internet Research

& many more.

Platforms where you could find these opportunities:

Earning Potential of a Virtual Assistant:

Study reveals Vitural Assistants make an average of about  $15.57 per hour.

Even if you make upto $10 during your college time period it works great for you.

Website Testing

Beta testers for an app or website are very important these days. It provides early-hand user experience and determine how the product could be improvised.

Website Testing is the new trend, where website owners reaches out some professional testers who can guide them their experience with the website and also help out with the loopholes, if any.

Earlier days, this job was done by the software professionals, but now they are seeking common users, who have handy devices and a good knowledge of basic software ( installing and using them) and good communication skills to interact.

All you need is to have a device they want you to test their website/ app. Further, you’ll be asked to record the thoughts of your experience. It could either be done by recording video or sound. Most of the platforms have their own testing software to record video and sound, while some of them also use Skype.

Once done,  you have to upload it back to the platform, so the app owner can review it and pay the reviewer as per the deal.

Earning Potential:

Earning could vary from $10 t0 $20 per testing for most of the testing websites. But few, testing sites do pay $50+ per test, based on the requirements.

If you add value to your free time, by testing apps, services or startup website, you could make about $100 to $200 every month.

Few App testing platforms:

  • User Testing: Earn $10/$15 per 20 minutes of app/website testing.
  • Userfeel: Earn over $10 for 15 to 20 minutes for sharing your thoughts about the app/ services.
  • Testing Time: Earn up to € 50 per study. Study is conducted via Skype.

Soon, I’ll review and add some top website testing platforms so you can join and make money in your free time. Stay tuned.

Hope you found this article useful so that it will help you start making money right now. If you’re a college student, who has already followed these ways to earn money online, share your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, I’ll regularly update this article to make it more valuable for you to find opportunities.

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