E-commerce is now 25+ years old. But still, most of us haven’t yet stepped into the market and didn’t explore it to the full potential.

Likes of Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce stores are making millions in a month. But they are a big organization, right?

So, is there any space for an individual or two, to setup their own store and build their income stream?

Well, Yes! Definitely. If there are buyers, then definitely there’s space for them to open up their store and storm into the market. But for sure, there will be competition and you will need to stand out to make a business.

Are you one of those who is planning to open to sell online? Or, you need a guide on how you can build your new e-commerce this year?

Well, in that case, I would ask you, what’s stopping you from getting there? Is it the competition or…

You think it’s too late to get started. Is it?

If that’s your concern, don’t worry. Because at The Flying Paper, I’m going to share you some amazing ways which can help you start with zero and make enough while you go along, with your store. I have done some market research about multiple niches and I’ll definitely share some case studies and How-To guide in my website.

So, before you get going with our guides, check the four e-commerce websites which can be your platform to sell your awesome products.

Top 4 Ways To Sell Online in 2019

Before we begin, let me tell you that there are hundreds of places where you can sell your products to the customers. In this website, I’ll try my best to review most of them so that it becomes easy for you to join the best ones available.

In this list, I have covered the top 4 e-commerce platforms because:

  • They have a huge customer base, which could be a plus to your business. As you don’t have to look outside to get your first visitors to have a look over your products and Brand.
  • Loaded with additional features like Delivery services, Review System, Payment system and much more.
  • Additional apps according to your requirements.
  • Higher Brand Value and easily trusted by customers.
  • Optimized Apps and Website, which makes it convenient for customers.

and much more. There are many more reasons why I have added these four websites mentioned below, in the top 4 list. Let’s take a look…


Shopify is a hosted platform, which is very easy to join for a new seller. All you need is to login into the system and create a name of the store.

All other resources will be provided by the Shopify platform so that you can setup your store. Also, there are hundreds of apps which are controlled by third party service providers who have their own products and all you need is to place them in your store to sell online.

Shopify also lets you automize the business and you can add your own layouts to the business by buying themes at affordable prices.


Woocommerce is a self-hosted platform, which you can run on a WordPress Website/Blog. It is easy to setup and highly customizable based on your choices. You can open any kind of store and sell the products online.

You can also integrate payment system using plugins and add multiple features with WordPress Plugins for Woocommerce. But to open a store in Woocommerce, you will need to setup a website online. If you’re new to WordPress, you can setup your website in just 10 minutes to get started.


One of the most recommended platforms for selling online could help you land your customer in no time if your product stands out than your competitors. There are thousands of sellers who made millions by selling on Amazon.

If you have a product ready, you can start your Amazon business right away.


Etsy is widely known for selling handmade, vintage items as well as unique factory-made products. The global marketplace, Etsy could be the best place your business, if it’s related to art, photography, clothing, jewelry, crafts etc. Also, the platform is very cheap and very popular across the globe.