‘Book Of The Day’ Official Page On Instagram: How I Started Reading

From the past two years, I have been into an experimental mode, where I am learning new things about myself. Last year, I found a new hobby and it was reading books.

I’ll be honest, the last thing I would ever think to do is reading and especially reading a novel. But over the years, I have seen a lot of changes in my lifestyle, which has influenced my mindset. My reading habit was evolved due to those changes.

It took me a year to finish a novel when I read it for the first time. But one day in 2017 when I was traveling from New Delhi to Nagpur, I found that I finished almost 50% of the novel in just 5 hours. It was the day I realized my reading potential.

However, I still didn’t make it a habit. In 2018, I decided to learn efficient habits of reading and I bought a book “How to Read Better and Faster, by Norman Lewis”.

Trust me, my reading speed improved to 2.5 times to what I was reading before and not only that but I could read efficiently.

I decided to read one novel per week and in the next 6 weeks, I finished 8 novels.

I’ll make a list of novels and books which I’ve read and I’m planning to read in the upcoming blogs.

It takes a lot to continue to journey of reading when you’re diluted to other tasks of life as well. However, I still read sometimes and whenever I do, I make sure I’m not forgetting the basics of reading.

So, to promote reading habits, I am trying my best to influence my readers, either with word of mouth or with the social media pages. Read below to know more:

Book Of The Day: Discover The Best Books on our Instagram Handle

Reading can not only teach you concentration, but it will also help you to develop planning skills, efficiently performing any task and most importantly the gist to finish any task at a specific period of time. But these skills matter only if you follow the basic guidelines.

Book Of The Day Official - The Flying Paper

However, I’ll try my best to write tutorials about efficient reading. But at this moment I have created a page on Instagram where I’ll upload one book every day to tell you what to read. You may add those books to your bucket list. You can also check our page Book Of The Day, to get the links for buying.

The books I’ll add on the page, will either be my recommendations or from the readers who can share their experience with me.

Just visit @BookOfTheDayOfficial and follow us to discover a new book daily. If you have any book recommendations you can DM us at Instagram without any hesitation and we’ll give a shoutout for recommending.

Hope you’ll love the journey of reading and stay tuned with us for reading guide and tutorials.

Thank you.

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