Affiliate Marketing: Popular Way of Making Money Online

Over the years, Blogging has successfully redefined the traditional way of marketing.

Cold calling, which was considered to be the best practice of finding clients is now a basic step. Inbound Marketing is the new way of finding prospects for any company.

Similarly, when you launch a product, traditional advertising gave some good returns over investment, but since the online market has occupied the physical market, a new trend of marketing is alluring sales and generating huge profit.

Affiliate Marketing!!

Affiliate Marketing has created a fortune for both the product creators and sellers, and now remains a primary source of income for major blogs. Bloggers make around Millions of Dollars and creators/ merchants save their time for product development, with affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online strategy to let product owners generate more sales by finding partners or affiliates, and recommend products to their audience.

Blogger, or an Affiliate Marketer makes money by promoting other’s products on their blog and earn commissions based on the sales generated.

Even though Affiliate marketer promotes the product for the owner, customer doesn’t have to pay extra amount to that of the original. In fact, the product owner has to share some of its percentages to the blogger/ marketer, if he drives sales for the product.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate Marketing has two important roles to make it work. One, Merchant or the product creator & Blogger or the affiliate marketer.

A merchant creates the product and then hunt for affiliate networks, which will help to find marketers to promote their products.

Blogger hunts for affiliate networks to find products, which they can promote on their website. Hence, both of them encounters a win-win situation.

Affiliate network helps you to join affiliate programs based on your requirement or the niche. You can join hundreds of affiliate programs and promote thousands of products on your website and make money.

Product creation requires a lot of money, time and efforts, so if you’re a beginner or wish to make money with less efforts, I would suggest you to go for affiliate marketing. i have listed the reasons on why you should be an affiliate marketer below.

But first, let’s talk about –

How to Become an Affiliate?

Marketers can undergo following steps to become an affiliate or partner:

  • Based on your niche, find out what type of products to lookout for.
  • Search for ‘Affiliates’ or’ Become a Partner’ in owners website and join their programs.
  • You can also join affiliate networks and find hundreds of programs available based on your requirement.
  • If your website’s demographic and traffic matches the need of the owner, you will be given a unique code to allow product recommendation on your site.
  • You need to surpass minimum threshold amount to be able to receive paychecks.

To help you out, I have listed top 10 affiliate networks, which you should join in order to start your affiliate journey. I would recommend you to start with

Why You Should be an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing has opened the doors of marketers to make money online. If you have the skill to learn quick and convince people about the products, which you like, you can enter the arena of affiliate marketing.

Here are some reasons why you should be an affiliate marketer:

Easy To Start: Unlike any other business, your investment in setting up an affiliate marketing business is very low and limited to buying hosting services, domain and branding. Also, you don’t need to learn rocket science to make a mark in the business. If you have good writing skills and an ability to convince people, that’s it. Affiliate marketing is for you.

No Inventory: When you set up an E-commerce store, you need to stack up inventory and rent a warehouse to store your items. You cost of renting a room and inventory is void, when you enter into affiliate marketing. All you need to recommend items created by third party companies and generate sales to drive commissions.

Work From Home: Affiliate marketing is best source of revenue, if you wish to make money online from your comfort of home. I won’t say it’s an easy income, but rather an income with comfort. To be an affiliate marketer, all you need is a laptop, internet and a hosted website.

Tip: If you don’t have a website yet, read this step by step guide to build your first WordPress Site and start making money, right away.

Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing

Like a wise man said,

Best Practices are those practices that generally produce the best results or minimize risks.

You can’t make a sale, if you are not selling a right product to the right audience. Find your audience persona, survey their interests, find out what type of topics you are writing, seeks more attention. Choose those products which fits in buyer persona and their interests. Affiliates achieve more success with their campaigns only if their product matches the interests of their subscribers or readers.

Here are some other best practices you should follow:

  • Mention to your readers about affiliate links, to build a trust among them. If they like your content, they will surely buy products with your links.
  • If you have planned to write 20 articles for your website, don’t promote affiliate links in all those 20 articles. Some of them should offer free knowledge to seek more audience. After all, they should see you more as an educator than a salesman.
  • Promote only those products, which you have either used or are familiar with. People love to hear user experience, rather than just an encyclopedia about any product.

I hope you got the basic idea about Affiliate Marketing. To learn more about affiliate marketing. Explore our website.

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