Life Changing 30 Days Challenge To Make $1000 with Affiliate Marketing

30 Days Challenge to Make $1000 with Affiliate Marketing

Are you an Affiliate Marketer?

When was the last time you made a commission for a sale? Are you facing troubles in your affiliate marketing journey?

Here’s a life-changing challenge, which can propel you to get back into business and make your first $1000 in the next few days.

With this challenge, you can use your skills right away to promote a product on your blog or Youtube channel to start earning passive income.

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Overview: Million Dollar Challenge

While browsing Youtube randomly, I stumbled upon a video, which was about someone who accomplished his first challenge of life and made over $1000 in 30 days.

His accomplishment made me search more about it, which is when I found out something new. It was a product, he used to market and the commissions he made gave him huge returns.

I finally landed on a channel of a guy named Andrew, who was promoting the same product. I found a link to the challenge, which led me to the page whose screenshot is attached below:

30 Days Challenge to Make $1000
Liam Kay presenting the Million Dollar Passive Income Challenge

It was a 30 Day BuilderAll Challenge, also known as “Million Dollar Challenge“.

I read more about it and I was amazed by the process of promotion, which made me take a look at their product. Office Builderall.

Anyway, before we dive-in to talk about the product, let’s get a sneak-peek into the challenge.

Sneak Peek: 30 Days Challenge to Make $1000

If you’re an affiliate marketer, this challenge is just another addition to your affiliate journey.

All you need to do is promote a product and drive as many sales as you can to reach your goal. But here’s a catch, in this challenge you don’t have to make sales of over 100 products. You only make 10 sales and sit back with your laptop to see it making fortune for you.

Here’s the earning calculator of how much you can earn if you make 10 sales and promote the other affiliates to make 10 sales each:

30 Days Challenge to Make $1000 with Affiliate Marketing: Monthly Earnings per 10 sale

I know it sounds a bit ideal, but there are people like Liam Kay, Andrew who have already achieved this goal and now they have started this challenge to help us achieve it.

So, are you excited to join the challenge

I would like you to take a look at the product and find out how it can benefit marketers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, students, and bloggers.

Office Builderall: Insider Look and Specs

Builderall is a complete package of Digital Marketing products which consists of Sales Funnel, Email Marketing solutions, Drag-and-Drop Website Builder etc.

Builderall homepage: 30 Days Challenge to Make $1000
Inside Look of BuilderAll Homepage from my account.

It’s an ultimate platform to provide internet marketing solutions. You can do a variety of things when you use Builderall. Here’s a list of few:

  • Drag-and-Drop Responsive Builder
  • Autoresponder (MailingBoss)
  • Sales Funnel
  • SEO On-Page report tool
  • Webinar Creator
  • Marketplace to sell your product
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Design Studio

and much more…

Why I Joined the Challenge

It’s been a long time, I stood away from my work, which was freelancing and then setting up this website (affiliate marketing). So, I decided to get back in business and this challenge can push me ahead at work.

Now, the challenge requires you to buy the product and then Liam Kay will train you to drive free traffic to your resources so that you can make those 10 sales and then earn $1000 after 30 days.

(Note: There are different packages of Builderall, but as an affiliate, in order to start with this challenge, you have to sign-up with $49.9 package. It is a complete package and trust me, I bought it on 15th Jan, I explored the product, it’s totally worth it. Also, if you don’t succeed in making $1000 you can opt-out of the challenge and ask for refunds.)

I found out that this $1000 per month could help me in many ways to focus on other aspects of my business and spent time on other important things.

Builderall Million Dollar Challenge

The first sale you make drives in 100% commission, after that, you make 30% commission from the sales. Also, if your affiliate partners (one who joins the platform using your link) make sales, it will bring you 30% as well. Moreover, if the customers continue using the product every month, the 30% commission of their renewal will be driven to you.

So, therefore if you work hard and drive 10 sales, trust me earning $1000 won’t be difficult. It’s my first time to join any of such challenges, so I’m looking forward to it.

If you’re looking for a change like I do, go and try out this challenge and benefit yourself from this opportunity.

Here’s the link to 30 Days Million Dollar Challenge.

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