List of 3 Best Personal Finance Books You Should Read to Grow Rich

Best Personal Finance Books: Last Updated July 14, 2018

Gone are the days when people used to believe becoming Rich is no poor man’s business. Now, you can make tons of money and become rich.

But what are you going to do with so much of money and having no idea of its utilization? This situation is much like owning a car without any knowing how to drive it. With such an approach you’re missing the fun and the real importance of owning it.

Becoming wealthier is a dream of every individual. But not many of them can achieve it.


It is not important how much money you own…
but the skills of managing what you own…
and how you live your life as a whole…
that makes you rich.

No matter how much you earn, unless you have a strong Financial IQ, you won’t be able to build your assets and end up owing debts. Also, having a strong Financial IQ doesn’t mean being aware of the financial terms, but the challenges that you’re going to confront while building your net worth value.

Reading is the best medicine to improve your knowledge about any subject. So, reading books that will train you to have a good understanding of financial practices, and guide to invest in some real opportunities around you, will make you more intelligent.

I have listed top 3 Books ( Best Sellers in the Personal Finance Category) you should read, to improve your financial literacy (Finance IQ).

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Best Personal Finance Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad

Based on a motto that, ‘Rich never works for money, money works for them’, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad Tells you what you will never learn in your school or college.

The book talks about financial freedom and how an eighth grade school dropout finds his financial success by understanding a simple concept of making money.

Spending less than what you earn.

Listed as one of the best personal finance book, Robert has shared what are the challenges you might face during your journey to become rich and how did he overcome them with patience and learning. Also, he has discussed about excuses and the misconceptions people have that resists them to succeed in life. it explains why you don’t high income to become rich.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a best book for those who are passionate about making money, but don’t have enough degrees to secure a job. It’s a guide to give you knowledge about what’s important that just making money. A book that will surely increase your financial IQ and open your doors to seek financial knowledge.

Go grab the book right now and share your perspective about what did you learn after reading in the comments.

Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad on Amazon (US)

Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad on Amazon (India)

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad – What The Rich Teach Their Kids about Money
Author: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Thames
Published: 2001

Think and Grow Rich

Best Personal Finance Book - Think and Grow Rich

One of my personal favorite, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill has helped millions of people to get what they want in life.

This book has remained a best seller for over 70 years and is still in demand.

It is so powerful that the description of the book also says, “Ken Norton, the famous boxer has used the principles of the book to knock out Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Think and Grow rich will take you through easy tasks that will make you challenge yourself and achieve them in chunks to find your financial freedom. Napoleon Hill has included personal success stories of Thomas Edison to Ford and the best part, they are still valid to help you achieve your dream.

The book discusses principles to unlock your desire, faith, imagination, improve your decision making skills and guides you how a small idea can help you make millions if you have strong determination.

If you’re broke, feeling depressed, have no ideas to live an enriched happy life and more than that, you want to be rich in real. This book is a best read and if you follow all the principles, nobody can stop you to unleash the secret to success.

Buy Think and Grow Rich on Amazon (US)

Buy Think and Grow Rich on Amazon (India)

Book: Think and Grow Rich
Author: Napoleon Hill
Published Year: 1937 (Original version)

The Millionaire Next Door

Best Personal Finance Book - The Millionaire Next Door

Considered among the best financial advice book, The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley, is a New York Best Seller.

The book advises you with case studies and some real stats of the Americans who has verified net worth of over $1 Million or more. Then draw conclusions to what it actually takes to build financial fortune.

Authors of the book found conclusions like,

 One of the best ways to accumulate significant wealth is through self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Self employment teaches you about taking risks at important times and how to grow from nothing.

By adopting the habits and understanding the routes of rich people, you would get an idea how you could build an empire for yourself and make your financial dream, a success.

I’ll soon publish a detailed overview of why I recommend The Millionaire Next Door to let you know more about the book. For now,

Buy The Millionaire Next Door at Amazon (US)

Buy The Millionaire Next Door at Amazon (India)

Book: The Millionaire Next Door – The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy
Author: Thomas J Stanley & William Danko
Published: 1996 ( New Edition – 2010)

Once you finish reading these 3 best personal finance books, I bet you won’t urge for more resources and put yourself into some action. You will have a better understanding of the financial aspects around you and start taking risks to create a change.

Be it investing in stock markets, or real estate or any cryptocurrency, you’ll initiate making decisions on how much should I invest and how much should I sell.

If you’ve read all three books tell us the impact you had after reading. What other books do you recommend to grow financially rich.

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